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5 tools or email marketing

A short list of 5 tools newbies can use to kick-start their email marketing campaigns

This piece is going to be as brief as possible so let's get started.

1. Mailchimp: This is arguably the most popular email automation software available. MailChimp helps you create beautiful emails and also segment your mailing list so you can carry out A/B testing. Other features you can think of such as WordPress integration and much more are also doable through MailChimp.

2. Mailshake: This software is pretty new. It allows you personalize cold emails and follow ups. This software basically handles all concerns you may have concerning cold emails.

3. Sendinblue:  This is a good software for sending bulk emails and newsletters. Sendinblue also offers SMS marketing services. 

4. Benchmarkmail: This is a very good alternative to MailChimp as it offers very good email design and a freemium subscription model similar to MailChimp.

5. MadMini Madmimi offers extremely simple HTML emails. Madmimi is for minimalists. 

Conclusion: These email marketing platforms are totally great if you are new to email marketing or just looking for a new platform to switch to. If you also need to know more about email marketing, you can follow this storyboard for subsequent articles. 


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