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Reinventing Sattu

Superfoods have made a come back and so should Sattu, also referred to as the poor man's horlicks!

In Bihar - Sattu is made from Bengal gram,  an Indigenous source of nutrition.

Ancient grains are the next big superfoods—and with good reason. They are packed with nutrients and can even help you lose weight and maintain a healthy body. With superfoods like quinoa, raggi, oats, millets and other healthy foods making a come back the timing couldn't be better for sattu to be reinvented and re-introduced to the new generation of consumers, and with that bringing back a little bit of our history.

Much like smoked meat in North-East and pickled vegetables in the West, sattu — In Bihar is considered an indigenous source of nutrition or the poor man's horlicks because of its long shelf life and, the versatility of nutrition packed in this humble flour that seems to have been lost in history. So how did such an essential piece of food history evaporate into darkness? Part of the reason behind this was the ever-evolving food landscape that gave more choices to select from to newer generations; and second was the lack of patronization and third the need for easy prepare to food in today's fast paced world. 

Question for many may be what is sattu? Its a mixture of pulses and grains roasted together and then ground to a flour. The roasting process increases the nutrition content in the grains and improves it shelf life. In different parts of north India the comb/From the concept stage our focus has been to ensure to create a product line which would fit today's modern day needs of easy to use while at the same time retaining sattu's healthy features and keeping it free from artificial preservative. And with that in mind we created Sattuvita - Instant soups & drinks made from using the sattu flour and a natural source of of high Calcium, Iron, Fiber, potassium & protein, making it super healthy for kids and adults.

 In a market where consumers are now looking for healthier options and are focusing more on the quality of product than the brand name , Sattuvita products fit the need of good taste and health while being easy to use. Despite the flour being available in the market and knowing the health benefits of sattu, for many the challenge has been about how to prepare sattu or add it to their daily diet but with sattuvita's instant mixes it's as simple as stir and drink!