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8 Steps Roadmap to Successful App Development for Startups


Everyone known’s that starting on a business is never an easy job. It is exciting, challenging, thrilling, scary and risky. There are lot of peoples who come up with idea but not every idea turns out to be a big one, only few does. To become a successful application you need to rigid in your aim and mission with lot of hard work.

Challenges in Path

It is never an easy route to success; every start-up application has to face several of challenges along their route. One of the most challenging stuff is to get a good application at low rate, choosing the correct developing company, as it is not hard to fool a beginner. Also to choose the architecture, features, and functionality is a difficult job.  Most start-ups also find it difficult to know where to start form.

Roadmap to successful app is not an easy one we have already seen the challenges that can block your way, but if you are able to sustain those situation in effective manner then your idea can be among those few who turns out to be a great one: E.g.- Instragram, Whatsapp, Snapchat etc.

There can be 8 steps which will help out any type of Startups to achieve desired results which are as follows:

1. Know Your Market:

A in depth knowledge of your market and customer is the most require stuff to deliver a successful application. What makes a app successful? An app can only succeed if it is able to provide all the features with ease to its user. And to give all those feature you need to have knowledge about what your customer wants and what is your market looking for. Once you have all the knowledge then try to replicate it in your application in user-friendly manner. 

2. Describe your company:

the second step is to describe your company stating all your information like what your company is, your service line, your mission and vision, contributions to society etc. This description is the only source to get funds from investor; hence it is important to describe your company in best attractive manner which would insist investor to put money on your company.

3. Never Hesitate To Experiment:

You should never be afraid of choosing and try out with new ideas, who know your strange and new idea can uplift your application in a significant manner, best advice is to choose a particular set of targeted audiences to try out your idea and see if it can be implemented or not.

4. Choosing Appropriate Developer:

Choosing a correct developer is very important, there could various developers who can give you fake promises of delivering you best quality application. You need to be careful of those developers. It is advisable to do an intensive market research to find out the correct developer with requisite skill set for your application who can bring life to your idea with all the features at your proposed rate, and importantly make it user-friendly.

5. Identify Your Go to Platform:

There are mainly two key platform for application namely iOS and Android. Both have their own benefits. Your work is to identify which customer segment you need to target. Many a times start-up companies first go with android market as it is comparatively cheaper than iOS, and if the product is successful in android then you can go for iOS development too. Focus on the OS which is profitable to you.

6. Choose Your Technology

Apps are developed on certain platforms namely Native, HTML5 and Hybrid. All three are different from each other; Native is developed for a particular platform, whereas HTML5 helps you to develop a single code for all platforms. Hybrid is the combination of advantages and disadvantages of Native and HTML5. It is important for you to choose the correct technology on which your application can work more smoothly.

7. Wireframe your App

Once you know what your application is, it is important to create its Wireframe. It is a kind of design or a blueprint of your application. It shows you what your application will look like. For a start-up company they cannot afford to do any mistakes at this stage, as Wireframe is very vital process of development.

8. Marketing

Developing and launching the application is only the half job done, once your application is launched you have to make your targeted audience install your app and use it. To do this you need to do an intensive marketing of your application to your targeted audience. It can be done by two ways traditional and modern ways both have its own advantage and it is advisable to go with both the techniques to get optimum result. Some of the low cost marketing includes Social media marketing, SMS marketing, Push Notification and App store optimization.


Now that you have a wonderful roadmap to become a successful application i wish you a good luck. Remember will be certain phases where you will be tested and challenged it is important to be extremely calm and focused to overcome those challenges. If you read all the successful app start-up stories you would find one thing in common “their determination” to change the world with their application. They knew once they overcome the challenges they can create their own history and they did prove it right.