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From ex corporate executive to business entrepreneur

The journey of a 27 year old girl Rupal Jain, Founder of ‘KreativeKeeda’ a place  which enables you to say it with art !

From artistic abstract paintings and decorative lamps to customized pop retro paintings and personalized gift, KreativeKeeda brings Indian gifting & home décor needs solutions to them with just one click.

Gifting to someone has always been a tedious task, especially in terms of what to gift?

Whenever she looked online for a gift idea, was rather perplexed with old fashioned gift options such as mugs, flowers, wallets, pen, chocolates etc. which doesn’t give value for money which gives Rupal the idea to start a venture where she can sell specific products and thus could provide highly customized and personalized gifting solutions for different gifting needs of people and corporates. Basically turning art into a service, where art lover people don’t only buy what is there to offer at the shelf but can get their own art product service.

Being an artist herself she designed and devised various artistic and beautiful product for art lovers. According to online home décor market 2016 report, analyst forecast growth at 19.45% in next five years 2017-2020. Which makes it a growing industry and a chance for hand painted /crafted things to see a boom.

“Innovation and customer experience is not mere my ideology but my mantra” she said. “I constantly thrive for new ideas and see the customer response, always ready to experiment, I provide my customers utmost freedom to use their creativity and design their own art piece. Sometime customer gives amazing ideas”

Rupal Jain, the founder & owner of Kreativekeeda.com getting best stuff award at an event.

“I want my site to also be entertaining for people to enjoy shopping with me. A place that provide a wonderful experience coupled with high quality merchandise at a deeply discounted price.”The customer delight is most important aspect of Rupal’s business. She wants her customers to be overjoyed not just with product but with the whole conversation experience, the packaging and even a personal connection with herself.

Customized pop art on canvas where she insert personal life objects                                                      

Launched in 2015 with almost zero investment and with few inventory. She started taking personal and corporate orders soon. The USP of her product is SPEED. She delivers very fast (sometimes overnight) which is just overwhelming.

Office team funny caricatures on canvas  size: 48” x 36”

Kreativekeeda’s mission is to provide affordable pop retro art portrait and abstract paintings to every house hold according to their wall color, furniture, background etc., and other preferences at deeply discounted price.

Beautiful pop retro art customized  for specific gifting needs



Rupal Jain, Founder of 'Kreativekeeda'

Rupal exhibiting her Giant size wall pop art painting


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