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7 mantras for a successful business life


One might always wonder what happiness is all about. Scholars, philosophers, comedians, clowns all have devised their own definitions. Many of them have figured out paths to achieve the same. Running behind such ideas has become the pivot of everyone’s life.

Some common terms one may hear in this connection are: be focused, determined and powerful.

People often confuse these words to their dismay. Determination and focus can be achieved with time but how to possess and exercise the right power at the right time?

“Power” in itself is taken in a negative sense. But when power is used as a state, it functions positively. “Powerful state” and “weaker state” are such descriptions.

The persistent question is how constantly functioning in the most powerful state possibly drive success?

The states are those like a pendulum swaying from one end to other. These states can vary from being downright depressed to very uplifting. One has to be passionate about their work; pure focus and determination are the keys to one’s unstoppable success.

As compared to the depressed state, in a powerful state a person has the ability to bounce back from many setbacks. This holds true in both, personal as well as business lives.

Hinging on which state you are in, you’ll either be driven to dwell and play the blame game or move on to find the possible solution.

How to get into a powerful state of mind

It is easy to understand what one preaches, but it is way too tough to put the ideas into action.

Following are some tips which will not only help get you into a powerful state but also sustain it:

Use positive language

Make a point to choose your words wisely. Words have a great impact on thoughts and emotions. When we say, “I am dead under this workload” or “I feel I am at a gunpoint”, we transmit negative energy hence transferring ourselves in a completely negative state.

In an attempt to curb this, Robbins suggested the use of positive language. This he termed as “Transformational Vocabulary”.

Smile, Laugh and Focus on Posture

Physical, Mental and Emotional health are all interconnected. One can easily get into a powerful state by simple physiological changes. This includes changing the posture for a more commanding feel, smile and laugh. A slight smile and a gentle laugh shrink the negativity in you.

Nurture a hobby

This is a quick fix for any problem. When one nurtures their favourite hobby they find themselves in a better place with their heart, mind and soul. Hobbies can include reading, music, journaling, photography and so on. Hobbies have an innate charm to lure you back to your resourceful beings.

Keep Exercising

Exercise keeps a person rejuvenated and energetic. Keeping an exercise routine is advisable as always but it is also important to do quick workouts throughout the day from the office. You can take help of some apps to relieve your mind, body, and soul.

Go for a walk, talk to strangers, and make new friends

Whenever you feel down, get outside and start a conversation with a stranger. When you meet new people, a sense of positivity seeps in. By doing this, you make new friends and learn new ideas. Random conversations act as stimulants for development.

Express your gratitude

It is easy to complain and easier to blame. What is difficult is the attitude of gratitude. How many times have you acknowledged anybody for their assistance? How many times have you appreciated anybody’s work? When you give a thought to it, you will realise that you have failed in this simple rule. Being grateful to anyone is a key to positivity.

Meditate by giving

They say meditation is a way of achieving peace and happiness. Meditation can mean different things for different people. The easiest, effective yet underrated one is the act of giving. Humans are only used for receiving and not giving. Give someone something that they need the most.


When one reads the above points, they will realise that the ways to achieve a successful business life are very simple. The only need is to know the truth that we have inside us. But one can realise this truth only when a powerful state is induced. This powerful state can be achieved by the means of effective communication, knowledge, physical fitness and positive language. These days various smart apps available on Android and ios devices can help us to achieve the same. 


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