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Me Time renenergize your soul mind and your brain

Usually Entrepreneurs are workaholic and dedicated to his work. They live in stress work in stress and eat in stress. Power of subliminal mind is sharper by 500 times than conscious mind. Self-talk is usually absent in entrepreneurs as they have many to talk with. Long working hours and high leadership will lead to high stress level.

“Constantly being ‘on’ doesn’t give your brain a chance to rest and replenish itself. Being by yourself with no distractions gives you the chance to clear your mind, focus, and think more clearly,” she says. Carter wrote a Psychology Today article about the many tangible benefits of alone time including: improving creativity, increasing productivity, working through problems effectively, understanding oneself, and enhancing relationships. Sounds pretty good, right?

Me Time will required little planning and little conscious efforts to gain time for your-self. Me time will invigorated to find yourself and it will encompass you to compare and contrast between your mind and brain. Your decision making capacity will boosted and it will give swift to your business.

Gift yourself with small pleasures and love yourself by your soul.                                                        _ Shivangi Bhateliya

Time, space and place is not an issue for being with yourself. Weather you are at a office or at a home by utilizing little time management skills you will have a beautiful you. Believe me it would be good food for your thought. Consider me time is rebooting yourself for next decisions and next challenges because subconscious mind can solve your problem elementary. 

Reasons for me time

- Get yourself revealed from stress.

- To get yourself cool because no matter what you can't lose your clients.

- Because money can't buy emotions of your friend family and of course yourself.

- Your business is not the only source of your inspiration.

- A very dull you will have negative impact on your employees and your work.

Sources of ME TIME

- Writing Diaries

- Spending media free day

- Reading

- Spending quality time with your family

- Meditation and yoga will act as a lubricating oil for you

- Cooking your favorite Dish

- Spending time in your favorite cafe

- Sleeping and what not.

Live a life of your dream by not letting yourself down.


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