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A suggestion to youth


 Why does most of the youth end up jobless?

Does this happen only in our country?

Still how many years does it take to end up this scenario?

Can we change this situation?

If you are in your schooling it’s time to realise.

If you are in graduation it’s time to respond.

If you are a degree holder it’s time to react.

There is a person who can change this situation I am talking about administrator but he is not Nelson Mandela or Narendra Modi. Everyone has seen him I am not referring to Justin Bieber or Amitabh bachchan. He is an excellent analyst I am not speaking about Einstein or A.P.j Abdul kalam. It is you and there is a way to discover an amazing administrator an excellent analyst in you spend time with yourself recognize your passion travel alone. it doesn’t mean thinking about a world tour it also includes alone walk. Spend enough time with yourself then think about allocating time to other activities. Don’t try to adjust yourself in the uncomfortable zone where you doesn’t belong to, if you do so you will end up doing nothing. There is a unique place meant for you find it seek the help of your heart don’t stop your journey until you discover your passion.


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