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MIT-ID – Decade-Long Of Expertise In Design Education!


Started in 2006, MAEER's MIT Institute of Design began with the intention of providing reliable design education to aspiring designers of the world. Over the years, one can clearly attest MIT ID as one of the directing light in the field of design over the other Indian design institutions. MIT Institute of Design has developed an outline course line that outflanks various other preconceived notions revolving around design. In their excursion to fulfill a more noticeable estimation among the design foundations in India, MIT-ID has displayed different activities that change the way design education is carried out in the country.

The Bachelor of Design and Master of Design courses intend to showcase a phenomenal approach in a moving and vitalizing environment which is a rare phenomenon among the design institutions across the country. Individuals who are a part of this Design Habitat are guided by the best minds in the country who have explored new ventures in the domain of design learning. The students are moreover fit for lighting a change that prompts a more thorough way of learning. By being one of the principle foundations, understudies at MIT-ID provide a holistic view of the design field and its applications in the present world.

By not constraining the coursework to classrooms, understudies at MIT-ID are liberal among different streams. This move in style from the standard style of learning clears another path for individuals who wish to change the way the world sees design learning. It is into this kind of quickening and inspiring environment that aides the understudies of MIT-ID into a situation that conveys learners and youthful identities to explore fresher districts that should supplement and sustain their constant improvement.

Among the different outline courses in India, MIT-ID can happily confirm themselves as the bearers of the Design Habitat reasoning. By focusing on how the middle conviction arrangement of design has changed all through the several years, understudies of MIT-ID can take a gander at its essentialness in this consistently developing world. While design can be validated as a standout amongst the most settled reasons for living ever, it has occasionally been respected and loved among the different distinctive that have hidden our overall population. With a conformity in mindset, MIT-ID stands tall among the different plan organizations with their contemporary disposition.

The institution also comes in the list of Top 10 design schools in India thanks to the plethora of courses they provide. Being the premier interior design institute in Pune which also offers animation courses in Pune, students of MIT ID are exposed to various aspects of design that have previously been ignored by almost all the design entities in the country. Apart from the aforementioned specializations, MIT ID also offers product design courses, transport design courses, interior space & furniture design courses, retail design courses, animation design courses, film and video design courses, fashion design and user experience design courses. All in all, one can clearly attest that MAEER's MIT Institute of Design is one of the best design schools in India. 


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