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What will be the future scope of business messenger


Business messenger has the ability to drive the business revenues and people as instant messaging changes everything in way of connectivity, and communication to create a strong rage.

The once ubiquitous phone call is on the verge of becoming history. The dependence on calling to convey information or exchange thoughts is slowly becoming a relic, if it has not already. The new mode of connecting with people is the messaging platform. A recent survey commissioned byFacebook and conducted by Nielsen revealed that close to 60% of people prefer instant messaging for business over an oral call.

future scope of business messenger


Communication forms the prime fuel for the smooth functioning of the machine called business. Individuals, teams, groups, peers need to deal in real-time data exchange to ensure on-time completion of projects and meeting deadlines. A dedicated messenger for business will be an ideal solution to facilitate lateral as well as horizontal communication within an organization. Facebook had been playing this role effectively, though it is essentially a social media and social networking service more than a business messaging platform.

Taking a cue from the Menlo Park monolith, several innovative and business-centric collaboration chat platforms have been emerging over the last 5 years in particular. They have successfully identified the dividing line between social networking and business collaboration – the later a more serious and purposeful vehicle for an all-around economic development and social upliftment.

 In fact, Facebook too, after acquiring WhatsApp, has branched out into business messenger arena with its WhatsApp For Business version. Notable among such innovative and trendsetting enterprise apps are Slack, Flock, Troop Messenger etc. While these three and other budding apps in the realm provide freshness, Facebook and WhatsApp command the scale for wider reach.

While Slack and Flock are designed as open-entry business messaging platforms (which facilitate onboarding of members from private email id), Troop Messenger is one of the few which allows sign in through business email only. This ensures the highest degree of safety – right from the entry level.


Going by the pace at which the delineation between social and business communication is diverging, we should be seeing an outright epidemic of sorts in the birth of new age business messengers. Make no mistake – business communication platforms will be the toast of every entity. They are out to create a new computing interface, doing away with multiple platforms for in-house communication.

The chat and business communication experience will be far more disruptive and innovative as Troop Messenger is all set to lay down benchmarks for excellence. This avantgarde app, apart from the common features of chat, audio/video calling and group video calling, screen sharing, has first of its kind features like

Jumper to facilitate “private conversation” within a group

Burnout to erase and obliterate messages at the end of a pre-fixed time period

Data Record to empower real-time know of per-user-data usage analytics

Troop Store to allow for seamless downloading of apps from an inbuilt repertoire of third-party apps.

These apart, Troop Messenger facilitates the three vital elements in building relationships at the workplace – the facility of frequent use, convenience, and emotional connection. These form the fulcrum for a stress-less and real-time conversation platform, uniting teams across the entity. Additional integrations like


*Attendance Management System

*Leave Management System

*Client Relationship Management

*Client Support and Service Facilities

Will ensure that the entire office work is achieved on a single platform without shuffling across software. This will ensure saving in time and boost employee productivity.

The world would certainly be poorer if such innovative ideas are not adopted and harvested for the overall benefit of business. And history has proved time and again that business worldwide is ever forward-looking and out to grab every technological advancement to enhance itself swiftly. And, why would business messaging be a laggard in the race!! Gear up guys and be ready for a heady race. 


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