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How certain organisations serve public service industries?


Public service, a service provided by the government to the people who are living within its jurisdiction either via public sector or through the financial provision of services. Today, the public service industry is in the centre of disruptive technology changes. These companies are scaling in markets with new services and products along with the emergence of new business models. With the increase in customer expectations, growing awareness and significant change in the behaviour of consumers, public services don’t just have to deliver excellent services but also need to nurture customer engagements. So, to differentiate them from competition, there is a better need for certain businesses to identify services. Hence, here is how public service industries are served by some organisations:

1- Government: To help states, municipalities and districts in meeting their targets in local government administration, postal services, judicial, transportation, social and emergency services, public safety, education and e-governance, some organisations provide IT government services and citizen-centric solutions. Some successful IT solutions for government sector are in the areas of unemployment insurance, citizen disaster recovery, mobility, workers’ compensation, case management, vehicle information, grievance management, e-commerce, vehicle information and phone card portals for postal services.

2- Oil and Gas Industry: This industry faces several challenges, which includes cost containment, day to day operational challenges, price volatility and uncertain energy policy. Also, the systems and processes involved in refining, exploration, marketing oil and gas and production are highly complex. Therefore, some organisations serve the entire value chain for this industry by offering solutions, such as petrol-technical computing infrastructure, asset management and field force automation. Besides, organisations, such as HCL Tech offers the unique framework for repair, maintenance and overhaul of assets.

3- Hospitality, travel, transport and logistics: Sometimes, data passes through various inconsistencies, redundancies, traditional borders and errors, which results in real and large inefficiencies. Thus, some organisations provide framework-led IT and tools and also, the business led transformation through centres of excellence for these companies.

4- Energy and utilities: Some organisations help energy and utility companies to achieve their objectives through technology innovation, process improvement and labour arbitrage. They also offer energy consulting services and provide cloud consulting services that help customers in evaluating the cloud as a part of their IT service.

5- Mining and Natural Resources: These companies face many challenges in the management of human resources as a result of work demand and location. Some companies enable the mining and resources industry to adopt a synchronised digital mining strategy that supports an improvement in the efficiencies of mining.


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