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12 winter health tips and diet foods

for Young Budding Engineers & Other Students

Health and Wellness Guide for Engineering Students

In winter, Every Young Budding Engineers & Doctors needs to maintain good health, nutrition, energy levels and ability to fight infections. Everybody enjoy two endless rounds of parties i.e. Christmas and New Year. Winter is full of seasonal affective disorder because, in winter days are short and night is long, due to this disorder Engineers and Medical students need rich carbohydrate foods in diet with proper health tips. In this article you will enjoy your winter by reading winter health tips and diet foods that will keep you stay fit and strong.

Winter Health Tips

Take Good amount of Sleeping

 Dress Warm Cloth properly

 Do Exercise Regularly

 Jump On

 Listen to Music

Let's read all winter health tips one by one.

Take Good Amount Of Sleeping: Good amount of sleeping in winter is very necessary. Because study and sleeping both require good balance. As winter morning are very chilled. It is very difficult to get out of the bed. Some studies said that winter is the best season to sleep well inside cozy blanket and bed.

Good Amount of Sleep - Engineering Aspirants Health Tips

Dress Warm Cloth properly. As in today era so many students of engineering and doctor filed avoid to wear heavy warm cloth. They follow more fashion and today’s tread but it is not good. You must dress properly. Use scarf or knit mask that is used to cover your face and mouth. In order to change the taste you can wear it in different fashion with different treading colors, with trousers, jeans.

Remember your sleeves should be snug at the wrist. It will protect you from chilled air. Always wear lightweight and breathable fabrics so that it will be comfortable to wear for long time in winter.

Do Exercise Regularly: Winter is a season where your hunger cannot satisfy with cold food, whenever you see some hot snacks and food, you cannot control. So staying fit in winter season is a big challenge. To avoid weight gain start right eating at the right time. Winter increases hunger due to loss of energy to keep your body warm.

Daily Exercise  to Keep Mind and Body Fresh - Engineering Aspirants Health Tips

Most of the inactivity in winter also responsible for weight increase in winter. Just perform some basic exercises like stretching, and walk to strength your stamina. Exercises also keep you good in digestion of food. Some winter supplements are also discussed in this post. Wear good quality of track suit.

Along with eating and good sleeping little bit yoga workout will also keep you relaxing when students done it slowly and gently with deep breathing rounds.

Jump On: In winter sometimes student’s feels too cold with chilled atmosphere and this chilled nature of the environment obstacle in focusing on study. Now let learn how to overcome this problem in winter; its mantra is just stand and jump on with jumping rope and count no of jumps and gradually increase it.

Jumping on rope will gives you two way benefits, first laziness gone so you can study well and second, jumping activity will strength the heart along with range of upper and lower body muscles. But remember if you are new on jumping activity then start very slowly and gradually increase the speed to get used to motion.

Listen to Music: Sometime listing to good music is proven idea in winter to get calm. As in today’s era student have capability to do multiple task at the same time.

Get Relaxed | Listen Music - Engineering Aspirants Health Tips

Along with the listen to music they can also do study very well. So just adopt this wonderful idea and reduce Anxiety and Nervousness of the Examination.

Winter Diet Foods

Include Ginger in your Diet

Fasting Winter Food

Eat Rich Antioxidant Food Items

Drink Well and Get Hydrated

Eat Dark chocolate:

Eat Homemade Food

Include milk in your Diet:

Let’s read each winter diet food one by one.

Include Ginger in your Diet: Some common winter food that keeps you warm and get rid away from cold and cough and helpful to increase immunity is Ginger.

Ginger increases immunity - Engineering Aspirants Health Tips

You can eat it in raw form; definitely in winter time its combo with black tea, milk tea, green tea and also its lemon tea are awesome. It will boost and charge students mind muscles and helpful to increase concentration on studies. It also cures you from throat infection and cough related issue.

Fasting Winter Food: Most of students are Theist and frequently they do fasting, in winter time Sweet Potatoes may be good choice as it is not only sweet with its name but it is also sweet with its properties like it drastically reduce Hunger and very powerful to reduce Stress symptoms.

Winter Fasting Diets - Engineering Aspirants Health Tips

Let’s discuss some more food that will satisfy short hunger and overeating habit of students.

Eat Seasonal Fruits: You can also eat Seasonal Fruits like vegetables, Fresh Green Salad, Herbs, Millets and Nuts, because these foods are very good for boosting your Immune properties.

Eat Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables - Engineering Aspirants Health Tips

Drink Well and Get Hydrated: You can drink warming liquids like Soups, Green Teas, and herbal infusions.

Eat Homemade Food: Also avoid heavy dinners, greasy and junk foods and eats natural and homemade food.

Eat Homemade Foods - Engineering Aspirants Health Tips

Eat Dark Chocolate: It good to change mood of the student’s taste buds and also increases yours on study due to mood swing nature of chocolate.

Engineering Aspirants Health Tips

Include milk in your Diet: In your diet with protein powder and little bit haldi and avoid caffeine, alcohol and aerated drinks in winters.