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What would you do if you were fired today?

Do not panic when you get fired from job. Take a deep breath and  relax. Follow these simple tips before taking any decision.

People always question you that what would you do if you meet any unforeseen emergency? But when using this question for your career, have you ever given a thought that what would you do if you get fired today?

In such times of inflation and recession, you hardly have an assurance for your job. The higher authorities just call you and promptly fire you, without any real warning signs that led to this event. So, what should you do on your part for it? Well, just be prepared! Irrespective of your present condition and how save you feel in your present job, imagine that you’re being fired from work?

What is going to do now?

If this question freaks you out and you cannot think of an answer, then do not overstress! Take a look at the things that you can do to prepare yourself for this unwanted scenario.

Go for coffee meetings

The worst thing which can happen when you’re unexpectedly fired is recognizing that you haven’t had a good networking. Think it like this: if you’re fired after an hour from now, wouldn’t it be simpler to connect with people whom you have been in contact with few days ago and ask for help than to speak to people you haven’t spoken for months.

If you do not appreciate the networking hype, have coffee with professionals to keep yourself in the loop and present in the minds of people.

Craft a resume dump

Yes, it is important to personalize the resume you write and make it specific for the job you’re applying to but, it is important to draft a resume dump where you have to include all your accomplishments and memorable moments, right from getting “Employee of the Month Award” to participating in any NGO work.

It helps you get all your things at one place to evaluate in the future. It will help you choose the selective accomplishments for different CVs.

Your LinkedIn page needs an update

You don’t need to go on a storm and link to 500 people or write down all your accomplishments of the past decade of your career, but surely you need to give your profile a new look. Rather than wasting time in chatting with friends on Facebook, update your LinkedIn. See your job description, check for typos, communicate with vendors and clients and speak to people from your present job to have a fresh connection list.

Stay updated with industry news

Subscribe to industry newsletter and be active in professional groups and forums. Make sure you find out what’s happening in which sector and where do you need to make your next move. Stay updated with the happenings and trends of your field.

Save as much as you can

It is significant to have your business life proper but you also need to keep your personal life well-managed too. Find out how much money you require to manage your unemployed tenure. Be meticulous about your money and save more to keep your monetary safety intact.

Sign up for job sites

One thing that you should do is look out for new jobs. The online job portal is a great place to look out for jobs of different sectors, industries and fields. Whether you wish to search for jobs by industry, functional area or your place of stay, you can easily filter your search and find it. All you have to do is personalize your search and go for it to find the best suitable job for yourself.

Surely, you aren’t getting fired today, but this will give you a sense of security, if by any chance you fall in this pithole. 


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