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P2P.loanbaba.com is a trusted peer-to-peer lending online platform in India


P2p.loanbaba.com is a trusted peer-to-peer lending online platform in India for verified lenders and borrowers, where attractive lending schemes and interest rates make for a transparent lending and borrowing transactions, on a safe service delivery system.

Peer-to-Peer or P2P platform had opened doors both for lenders who wish to get high returns by utilizing investing idle money, and borrowers, who wish to receive quick access to funds in most convenient, risk-free, time and cost effective way. No intermediaries involved. Receive timely payments from borrowers. Contact end-users directly.

Peers can meet under one-platform to take worthy business decisions mutually:

View requirements posted by borrowers

Every transaction can be done online

Reduced cost of loan application

No paper work, all peer activities monitored

Why Lend?

Given the volatile nature of equity markets, strict regulations by financial institutes, not many get desired returns on what they invest. At p2p.loanbaba.com, a prospective lender can register at minimal fee, and reach creditworthy, pre-verified borrowers online to lend money at a determined interest rate.

High returns expected as much as (PERCENTAGE AMOUNT)

Wide range of borrowers to choose from

Get to negotiate with borrowers before closing deal

Assistance with collections, no hidden charges

P2p.loanbaba.com Offers Special Facilities to Lenders:

We provide credit reports of the peers. Perform credit checks.

Detailed background checks for every member

All documents verified, connect new buyers and lenders

Verify lender and borrower identity, income, employment

Legal compliance and reporting

Choice to decide the interest rate range


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