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How to get a job in a hedge fund

There's a whole lot of steps you can take...

Hedge fund is a dream for two types of people, who are passionate about finance and investments or people who wants to make lots of money.

But in real life its not easy to get a job in hedge funds, you need very very good skills and experience for that, here few points about hedge fund careers....

* hedge funds rarely hire freshers, they hire people from other hedge funds, private equity & investment banks. If you are a portfolio manager, trader, or even a junior analyst in an investment bank or private equity you are right for a hedge fund, minimum two year experience as junior analyst is also good on your resume. So if you want a job there first go to an investment bank or work in private equity

*You have good knowledge in finance and investments? that's good but not enough. Try to learn IT too, business major + IT major will make a huge impact on your resume, people who knows python have major chances of getting in there.

*Learn about the hedge fund industry, subscribe to free hedge fund newsletters, read hedge fund books every day or join a local hedge fund association or club. Connect with hedge fund employees on Linkedin so you can know about how they work, what are the positions there and what are the job role for each job, you can ask them for help as well.

*Best education options are - MBA (from a famous university), CFA, MSc in Investment banking, MSc in strategy , Phd (very useful if that quant focused), Chartered Hedge Fund Associate (CHA) designations. what ever it is, a very high GPA is a must.

* Internships in investment related jobs, will shine in your resume, for a example if Mr A has three, six months internships in the following functions he will shine -- investment banking, money markets, business consulting, advisory firm Mckinsey or other top consulting firms and software engineering or programming. Just spend 18/24 months in those internships if you really want a job in a hedge fund. 

These are basic ideas for a hedge fund career, work hard & find your job, all the best


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