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Is chauvinism now the foundation of feminism?

It’s about time this era of “Feminism” ended. Not because it isn’t necessary, it sure is. But as we all have witnessed, it has lost its meaning. Now it has become a mere medium for some small minded people to sound their rants, to accomplish their arrogant wishes or to simply create chaos. Whatever happened to female education, sanitary precautions, female foeticide, child marriage and genital mutilation etcetera. We are living in a world where such problems still exists. But no, appearance, free-bleeding, nudism is what now defines feminism. And how can we forget chauvinism? It has become the foundation on which feminism is now being built.

People degraded feminists like Mahatma Jyotirao Phule in the past; and are now applauding someone like Jessica Valenti, who does nothing more than write about male oppression and how she has been a victim of all those “scary” men out there; when in reality she has never been physically assaulted or “oppressed”. Who according to The Federalist senior contributor Nicole Russel , when went unnoticed commented “Men hardly catcall me anymore. I hate that our culture makes me miss it” (which was later changed to “One perk of older age. Fewer catcalls.”) What is that supposed to mean? What kind of victims goes around begging for attention and then treats people with contempt for offering that attention? Is it really all right to criminalize men as a whole for all the wrong doings of other individuals? Has it not become a platform for all the stubborn females to blame men for their own weaknesses? 

Malcom Bligh Turnbull, the current Prime Minister of Australia was quoted saying "Girls can do anything. In particular, they can do engineering. You’ve seen so many impressive, talented women who are engineers,"whereas the statistics said otherwise. Women represent around 16% of workers in STEM jobs and just 7% of engineers. It takes more than saying that girls can do anything. 

We have seen many celebrities claiming to be feminists, but what have they actually done in order to eradicate the problems most women are going through. Yes, some have genuinely tried, but for many it is just a shorter path to fame. They give some kick-ass speeches and manage to get the attention of other so called "feminists" thus increasing their fan base. It is nothing but business for them. And the worst part is that people buy it; they don't even think twice before idolizing them. Feminism is about so much more than just petty rants and complaints, than free bleeding and body image, than which gender is stronger and which gender deserves better. There are people who need help including men. So, let us drop the female flag and help oppressed people.