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5 reasons why greek yogurt is good for your health

It’s been years and people here have been thinking that yogurt is just another name for curd. But the process of making the two dairy products is totally different. As the process is different, the benefits of the two also differ. Read more to know the different benefits of the yogurt.

Many people think that yogurt is just the foreign name for curd. But that is not the case. Yogurt and its benefits are very different than that of curd. It actually is extremely beneficial for human body. Although curd and yogurt are both made from milk, both products are different. Let’s take a look at how exactly they are different.

Yogurt vs. Curd

Both the dairy products are made from milk, but the process differs. To make curd you have to boil the milk and cool it down to 30 degree celsius. Then you can add either lemon juice or vinegar to the milk. These acidic substances include a microorganism named as ‘lactobacillus’. The lactic acid curdles the milk and splits it into two parts, the solids and liquid. The solid which is extracted is the curd. The liquid part is called whey, which contains whey proteins and the curd contains milk proteins. Once separated the curd can be flavoured with sugars, salts, etc.

Yogurt is made by adding a different set of bacteria known as ‘Yogurt Cultures’. Yogurt cultures include two different strains of bacteria namely ‘lactobacillus bulgaris’ and ‘streptococcus thermophilous’. The addition of bacteria ensures quality of product because they make it homogenized. This dairy product also can be enhanced by the addition of different flavours.

Benefits of Yogurt:

Good for digestion:

The addition of yogurt cultures makes it probiotic. The good bacteria helps in the digestion of food. Actually your intestine already contains microorganisms. Some are good and some are bad. When the number of bad ones increase, your health deteriorates. Probiotic drinks contains good bacteria. Thus, the good and bad bacteria remain balanced.Hence the da helps to avoid or cure diseases like constipation, diarrhoea, etc.

Boosts immunity system:

Consuming probiotics also helps to boost the immune system. These beverages also have proven to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is related to many diseases. As yogurt provides vitamin D to the body and the nutrient is said to provide antibacterial proteins to the body, we can say that it helps to enhance the immunity system.

As the digestive system improves, it keeps away bowel related diseases. And thus, it is said that probiotics keep our stomach immune from various diseases. A daily serving of the product also helps you to keep the cold away.

Helps to lose weight:

Yogurt contains proteins. Proteins with calcium helps to lower the appetite and thus keeps the weight in check. This improves your diet and makes you avoid the untimely snacks which we munch on mindlessly.

Maintains blood pressure:

Yogurt contains potassium, which has proven to reduce sodium reabsorption. Thus the probiotics maintains heart health while lowering the high blood pressure.

Reduces bad cholesterol:

The product keeps you full longer and also keeps you well hydrated. This helps you to avoid yourself from consuming more calories by eating oily food. Hence, it is said to increase good cholesterol which promotes heart health. It also reduces the occurrences of heart diseases.