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Tips to protect yourself against digital currency and ICO fraud

A blasting subject, for example, cryptographic forms of money and ICOs draws numerous amateurs as well as a lot of trick specialists who need to cheat members. 

Wednesday March 14, 2018,

4 min Read

A blasting subject, for example, cryptographic forms of money and ICOs draws numerous amateurs as well as a lot of trick specialists who need to cheat members. We unfortunately saw this amid our ICO, so we chose to demonstrate where the principle traps are concealing – and how you can ensure yourself.


All organizations that complete an ICO have built up Telegram gatherings, which are an essential data medium for a token deal. There you can speak with workers of the organization (they are the administrators of the Telegram gathering, and it is obviously shown by their name with the name "administrator") or visit with other token purchasers. Access to these gatherings isn't sifted. Con artists take on the appearance of administrators and reach you through individual message (PM) to send you their own particular wallet deliver with a demand to send the cash or coins for the token there. For instance, they assert that the official wallet is down or that there is an uncommon reward on the off chance that you utilize this wallet. They additionally approach you for your email deliver to send you counterfeit messages later on, with a similar sort of solicitations/counterfeit openings.

What you ought to do:

Use just the official wallet of the organization to pay. These can simply be found on the site of the organization. There are typically no different wallets and there is likewise no reward for utilizing exceptional wallets.

Be cautious with email demands, regardless of whether they appear to originate from an organization's email address. The sender address of an email can without much of a stretch be faked (it's called "email caricaturing"). Never send your email address on Telegram in a PM, unless you are certain that you are utilizing an authority administrator contact. You can perceive genuine chairmen by the expansion "administrator" beside the name. This expansion is just unmistakable in the gathering, however not in a private visit. You must make certain that you're composing with a genuine administrator when YOU reached him (by tapping on their name in the gathering talk itself straightforwardly). Con artists utilize the profile photograph of administrators, a similar show name and a comparable username (for instance, by utilizing a capital "I" rather than a little "L").

Some of the time, whole stations or gatherings on Telegram are faked. Try not to fall for these phony channels! There is just a single authority Telegram assemble for each ICO Launch. These genuine locations can be found on the site of the ICO. All the others are fakes – remain away!


Con artists save no exertion: Some place paid promotions on Google and Facebook, where they report a genuine, progressing ICO. In any case, these promotions connect to counterfeit sites, a large portion of which you can find in the endings of the connections (.in, .pw, .id, and so on.). In the event that you purchase something, your cash is no doubt lost, and on the off chance that you even simply sign in, your secret word will be utilized to sign in to the genuine ICO site and change the wallet deliver you need to have your tokens printed to.

What you can do:

Pay close consideration regarding what the genuine site of the ICO you need to take an interest in is. More often than not, it is a site with a .com finishing – additionally check for the https – that is the sign for a safe association.

There are still some different tricks. In the event that you don't know, solicit an administrator from the organization in the Telegram gathering. Be cautious while recognizing the organization's genuine contacts, genuine channels and genuine sites. That is the premise to take an interest securely in an ICO.