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The Educational Revolution in India by Deepak Kapoor, Starting from Lucknow

Awakening - A Revolutionary Mission

Mission Awakening

Mission Awakening is to make the youth of India, energetic, enthusiastic, spirited, motivated, encouraged, determined, innovative, imaginative, inventive, creative, rational, sensible, judicious, prudent and realistic. It is started from Lucknow the capital of Uttar Pradesh and then will be spread throughout India.

Life Changing Seminars and Workshops

Awakening is a cluster of life changing programs for the students conducted by the corporate trainer, motivator, career and life coach Deepak Kapoor.

Free Classes for the Students

These classes will of 1 hour and are conducted free for the students in their own Schools, Coaching or Computer Institutes followed by a general seminar of 2 hours and 30 minutes for 2000 students in any auditorium in Lucknow.

The Contents of the Classes are based on

Intrinsic Motivation, Will Power, Self Confidence, Determination, Positive Attitude, Concentration, Meditation, Self-Awareness, Leadership Quality, Goal Setting, Time Management, Smart Working, Logical Ability, Creativity, Memory, Intelligence, Intellectuality, Stress Management, Communication Skill and Sub Conscious Mind.

The Objective of these Classes

These programs are designed for showing the right path to the students so that they can utilize maximum of their energy for self-development, they can concentrate on reading for making their career the best, they can find themselves filled with enthusiasm and energy, they can be a smart worker with tons of patience to bear their failures and get ready to fight back again.

Program – Awakening (A Motivational Class for the Students)

Duration – A 45 Minute Session followed by a 15 minute counseling session

Language – Hindi and easily understandable English

Methodology – Lecture and Interaction

Trainer – Deepak Kapoor, Corporate Trainer, Motivator, Counselor & Writer

Website – www.superawakening.com, Email: superawakening@gmail.com


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