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Female Infertility: Understand it to Circumvent it

Every person, a man or a woman, dreams of a healthy and a happy parenthood.

Every person, a man or a woman, dreams of a healthy and a happy parenthood. They plan to bring a child in the world, raise it, teach it and give it a full life. Parenthood is a beautiful thing which promises the continuation of one’s genetic line & prosperity. Although, sometimes this dream is snatched away from them because of infertility. India ranks 76th in the list of the fertile countries in the world. Despite having some of the most advanced reproductive techniques to bypass the infertility problems, many couples suffer through the burden of being childless. The country offers world-class Infertility treatment in Mumbai, and yet there is a lack of awareness about infertility. Thus, it is very important to understand the reasons for infertility & get proper medical help. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the aspects of female infertility and how to tackle it.

What is Infertility?

Infertility is a state of being unable to give birth to a child after being sexually active without birth control for a year. This condition is not gender-specific. It is medically proven that both men and women share the blame equally. Despite that often women suffer a lot due to being childless.

What causes Infertility in Women?

Medically speaking, the quality & quantity of the eggs start declining after a certain age in a woman. By the age of 45 women stop producing eggs, a process that starts slowing down from the age of 35. It is observed that majority of women who suffer from obesity and a excess level of fat & estrogen in the body often fall prey to infertility. One’s lifestyle also is a deciding factor for fertility. Doctors from several hospitals providing fertility treatment in Mumbai also concluded that modern lifestyle is very stagnant & sedentary. It leads to being overweight which can cause hormonal imbalance leading to polycystic ovaries. Apart from these factors, infertility can also be caused due to infection in the vaginal tract, antibodies in the cervix can kill the sperm or in some cases, the entrance of the cervix can get so tight that it may block the sperm.

In addition to the aforementioned reasons, several diseases such as tuberculosis which is quite rampant in Mumbai, can destroy the endometrium which results in blockage of the tubes. Naturally, pregnancy occurs in the tube as the fertilization takes place in the tubes when the sperm reaches it. In case of blockage of the tube, it gets extremely difficult for a woman to get pregnant.

What’s the way around?

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