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Canada PR visa for an Indian couple


Seeking a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa requires a series of steps to be evaluated before selecting the program that suits your background, says education or work experience. The most popular program is express entry under which a candidate is evaluated on the basis of his/her age, education, language proficiency, work experience, etc. the candidate can also apply through a particular PNP program if he/she wishes to settle in that particular province only and is being nominated by the province.

If you are looking to immigrate to Canada with your spouse, then the procedure that follows is:

1. Both spouse-Husband and Wife are required to first go for a Technical evaluation. Under technical evaluation, you are being evaluated on the basis of following-

• Your profile or occupation is in demand in Canada or not, as per the survey of the current labour market

• Your score should be at least 67/100

• Your IQF (Indian Qualification Framework) equals CQF (Canadian Qualification Framework) or not

• The university from where your educational qualifications are concerned, lies in which grade of universities

• Your minimum Bands in IELTS should be 6

2. The high scorer in the evaluation process should go for the application and apply under any program that he/she deems fit. The fastest processing program is Express Entry program, for which you must score the minimum requirement of points and also comply with the minimum requirements of the program.

3. After one of the spouses satisfies all the eligibility criteria, he can go further with the process of filing if PR. The spouse will be then, going on with his/her husband/wife as a secondary applicant or a dependent spouse. In this case, he/she is mandatorily not required to go for education credential assessment or IELTS provided, the main applicant (his/her spouse) is lacking on IELTS bands or total CRS score. Then, the secondary applicant can go for IELTS exam and can share these extra points with the main applicant.

Migrating with your spouse also requires you to show that you are having sufficient funds to support your spouse in Canada. For a couple, you need to have an amount of at least 7 lac liquid cash or cash equivalents.

Why Canada?

For couples planning to migrate overseas, Canada is one apt location with the amalgamation of different and beautiful sites- mountains, lakes and sand beaches, the maple leaf country has everything a romantic gateway could be! The country also has tropical sunshine summers and ‘freeze-you-like-ice’ cold days to enjoy. Snow fall is surreal and rainbows after rains are just the thing never to miss!

It is generally a huge misconception that immigration to Canada is a complicated process and requires a huge investment to procure permanent residence visa. But this is not the truth.