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The Virtuous circle of sustained growth & development : High common socio-economic capital creation !


How do countries from Finland to Singapore reached among the highest personal wealth &  quality of life with enviable social stability and manage to stay on top . 

1. Free / affordable world class education that emphasises both knowledge and values is the basis of a high HDI society & aware citizenry that will act to uphold truth , honesty , fairness & equality . Such societies also act responsibly to protect them thru building strong independent institutions  .  Good education creates the strong foundations needed for high common socio-economic capital that high HDI societies manage to create , grow and accumulate more efficiently than other competing societies . 

Early childhood nutrition , a full healthy meal , being the basis of the completed development of the brain is a prerequisite . Only a healthy body can house a healthy mind , that can be then educated to build a high HDI society . Means free basic healthcare & a minimum standard of life is need to be ensured for all citizens .  Goes to say that our teachers add most value to create such an enlightened society & need to be rewarded as such .  Won't be possible without them at all . 

2. The need for an efficient delivery of justice follows education that delivers a high HDI multitalented society. A just society is a society at peace with its-self , can concentrate on real issues as not engaged in frivolous unproductive debate and actions. Rule of law allows positive socio-economic community driven engagement to grow and flourish speedily without impediments . The environment created contributes to all round economic and social growth as curbs negative retrograde forces , while  strengthening the positive socio-economic capital growth cycle by an engaged high on talent, commitment , law abiding society . Positive thought process & actions drives common & individual prosperity , also ensure equality & social stablity .

3. Empathy , the very human quality within us makes us put common good above personal good . Such acts of ours multiply our singular effort many folds thru community contributions . As more and more people practise empathy , our common social and economic capital grows many folds & drives higher efficiency & productivity. The good pie grows bigger and faster so does our share of the good pie . Servant leadership , the most effective form of leadership exemplifies empathy in action . 

4 . Transparency seeks information and  holds one accountable for the acts .   Measuring the outcomes , relating them to the options we had & the decisions we made improves the process .  Critical , open  feedback leads to rectification of errors thus constantly improves the decision making process . Superior reasoning in decision making & individual merit & ethics become drivers of our actions . The environment needed to grow common socio-economic capital , trust based on transparency , becomes a self sustaining & a reinforcing process . 

5 . An enlightened public spirited media that puts public interest first and foremost keeps this socio-economic change going .  Criticism , open debate , multiple views , the discussion of the many dimensions reinforces & correlates the significance of seeming unrelated acts & causes that make big positive changes scale up from local happenings to global causes . Ensures participation of disparate stakeholders & gives a platform to a stronger voice for the collective diverse humanity . Shows the basics building blocks of a better world are based on simple universal truths and even simpler , easier collective force of individual value based actions . 

6 . To grow out of poverty in a few generations and then continue the growth to achieve the standards of levels of Singapore Sweden Denmark , we need to co-relate & emphasise a high HDI Index , Transparency Index , Freedom of Press , Transparency in Political Funding as these indices capture the basic factors for becoming a true super economic power and is not GDP growth or Ease of Doing Business . 

7. What is needed is an overhaul of our " practiced" values as we all can preach goodness to others . We do understand that the power of good & truth & can imagine a " Ram Rajya " . But we do not fully relate it to our current situation & even lesser to our own action . We assume , we can get away with it once in awhile . We don't feel responsible for the collective damage we are doing to ourselves & our future . The key lies in holding ourselves responsible for the mess , acting and pro-actively asking others to act to fix the situation . 

A Typical Virtuous Circle - The End . 


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