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Crazymunch helps masses to maintain shapes, be fit and enjoy tasty and healthy snacks for health lover


Crazy munch delivers personalized and healthy Snacks Box anytime and anywhere through an online subscription. 

Problem: With the modern lifestyle, unhealthy eating options (Junk Food) and habits have evolved, and there are a lot of health problems like obesity and hypertension. 20% of school-going children in India overweight due to junk food.

Solution: Consumers are educated enough to adopt a preventive lifestyle and are willing to try new options. Therefore, we bring in a concept of healthy snacks; a revolution that includes healthy and tasty snacks along with technology that will allow the consumers understand and maintain healthy eating habit.

Market: Our customers are the consumer who wants to stay feet and willing to adopt healthy lifestyle products. The consumer can be any body from 10 to 65 age group

Management Team:

Narendra kumar – CEO: 10 years of experience in retail and online business. Cofounder at Netforce infotech, worked at startup BioWorld merchandising as GM and build a turnover of $ 30 M in 2 years. Domain expertise in sales, Marketing, Finance and General Management.

Bittu Kumar – President & Interim CTO: 1 years of Experience in running a start up company computer scientist, Author and cofounder at Netforce Infotech. Domain expertise technology and Marketing

Ashish Payasi – COO: 18+ years of experience in establishing start-up company’s domain expertise operations. Only cover the key roles that are crucial to building this big business


Over the past five years, consumers have better awareness of the negative health effects of eating food that contain high lend of sodium, so producers of snack food production industry quickly adapted to changing consumer tastes by offering healthier options. The introduction specific calorie packs and low-sodium versions of products has gathered much attraction. The continuous rise in household disposable income and continued innovation of healthy snacks will help drive demand for industry products boosting CAGR 35% to 40%.

Indians have become increasingly health conscious, seeking more nutritious varieties of traditional snacks, such as potato chips and popcorn. Industry operators have successfully responded to shifting consumer tastes by introducing a variety of reduced-fat and low calorie alternatives.


While the primary focus will be on health benefits of consumer, we strongly believe that the taste cannot be completely overlooked. Indian Consumers are more focused on taste and texture and while ‘health’ could give them proposition an edge, we will ensure to it never comes at the expense of ‘good’ taste. In fact, when it comes to salty snacks, taste is a non-negotiable measure. All our product range will be healthy and tasty.


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