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Things that we did at least once, when we were a Kids.

As a Humans, we born, grow, live our life, finally die. We just call it as Life Cycle of Human beings. But that cycle has many phases, we live in each phases,enjoy it. One of the important phase that we had enjoyed a lot, we carry lot of funny memories. Yes it's between our 5 to 12. I'm gonna remind you few funny, stupid things that we did. And I damn sure that you couldn't resist to accept at least one thing. Actually we had a lot of things similar, i just mentioned few things.

1. Thought to rescue people from danger, just like in Cartoons & Movies.

2. Used our eraser as a canvas to draw a funny things and also we used to write our names on eraser to protect it from our classmates.

3. Lost a piece of biscuit or bread in a Tea/Coffee while dunking.

4. We can live only by eating candies,chocolates,"I need Rs.10 for a day". 

5. Hate to have tablets and syrups. And also we had a hope to have syrup which should tastes like juice.

6. Sitting in a bath tub while bathing. If it is Hot water, Awesomeness in every mug.

7. While eating with our sibling, we used to hide that one last piece of snack, so that we could make fun on them after they've eaten theirs completely.

8. Afraid of applying soap in face and shampooing, because it makes eye burns.

9. I bet you would drawn the above pictures at least once.

10. See our class leader and his friends as enemies and took revenge on them too for complaining about us to the teacher.

11. We had done above thing for showcasing our riding ability and surely it would left some scars to remind us not to do anymore.

12. Used our desks for graffiti and wrote our friends name, crush's name when no one noticing.

13. While playing cricket, if we lost our wicket in a first ball. We cheat others by saying that "I didn't saw that coming", "It was a trail ball".

14. Felt like macho, when we lifted heavy weights in Single hand to impress girls.


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