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How she stepped into entrepreneurship

New solutions, ideas, emerging trends, and real-life disruptions. 

There are stories of successful women entrepreneurs, emerging in India. There are several others wanting to start their own companies. At some point in a woman's life, there comes a moment that tests her - who she is, who she wants to be, where she will go next. There was a moment in my life which made me realize I am just wasting my time on unnecessary things and capable of doing exceptional considering my talent. Many of them believed I have a strong financial background and everything is settled for me. Things look so, but they aren't. 

Neetee Mhatre - Intrapreneur

Years pass by I was separated out by family and friends. The incident struck me to go in this direction is when my mother suffered a heart attack and my believe for some people just turned false. They didn't turn up. Few of my friends stood by me. That was the time I felt a girl can be taken so lightly. My conscience within, " I want to prove everyone that a girl can perform much better along taking care of family". Talking on the professional front, I was working for a renown company where the Co-Founder made me work tremendously for hours, still manage to give the best results which were rewarded by all publications. Later on, I was abused for no reasons and forced to resign. When people achieve they tend to forget the ones who made them reach their goals. My mother always said when boys can be so adamant why can't girls? I feel a girl should never be judged, she is capable of performing much better and fighting back. She is just not meant only for marriage and having kids, has the  right to choose and be independent.

It took me 5-6 months to reach optimum level, gave me a feel of confidence and positivity, I started reaching out to people, getting to know their ups and downs in entrepreneurship. Just started with a bit of savings and trust me, in a short span of time we made 10 clients. I failed 10 times, but I stood up. What made me go for digital marketing? Insights on marketing and digital media for 3 years made it easy for me to understand the market. I saw people are not aware of digital importance. They feel it's just about liking a post, creating ads, commenting. Digital marketing increase business leverage through digital channels such as search analytics, social media, email, content, paid campaigns and their websites to connect with their current and prospective customers. 

Neetee Mhatre , Intrapreneur ; to help people promote their inspiring stories , aware about digital evolution, minimal cost so that a common man can afford to market his products. 

I would thank everyone and Yourstory for giving me this platform to share the success story. I am looking forward for more women entrepreneurs to rule the world with their determination, grace and dignity.


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