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Why "entrepreneurship" is not as cool as you think.

There lies a thin line between cool and disaster.

The pre-conceived assumption that entrepreneurship is cool has led many fresh graduates down that lane. It might seem glamorous to a normal eye, but it is also a satan's hole of no return. The world often remarks us as a new age Picasso and Einstien, keeping aside the fact that we are just normal people trying our best to make a difference.

To break all notions, one step at a time, making the world believe that everybody is as adventurous as us.

Life is not all glamour

Just so everybody is clear, life is not all glamour and party. Yes, there is a bit of everything involved in our lives, but a major chunk of it is work related leaving minimal time for everything else. The glamour in our life brought in through our work. We find small things to entertain ourselves and stay satisfied by it. 

We are not more adventurous

Yes, this is true. We are not any more adventurous than a person working nine to five job to feed himself or even a vendor opening his sales at five in the morning to earn few extra bucks. The sad part is, we eventually end up in the limelight because of the designation we attain in the company. This only shows how power hungry the world is, as it only notices people with power. All of us are in the same race to put three meals a day on our tables. The path we chose might be different but the destination remains the same. 

NO!! We don't earn more

I can't stress on this point enough. No! we definitely do not earn more than everybody in our league. Again, just because our name precedes a fancy designation does not mean we are on a bigger payroll. To be frank I think we earn just as much as a man in corporate at entry level. This may come off as a surprise to many but most of us are out of cash on the fifteenth day of the month. This said, we also are providers and not just seekers, during rough weather our employee's come first. We make sure they are well paid before pouncing on the profit. 

The world is at everyone's arm's length. This is to say, all of us are special and as adventurous as an entrepreneur. Open those wings to fly high and aim higher.