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PIXY - Android Based Hybrid Electric Smart Car

Hi Friends, I designed and developed PIXY Hybrid Smart Car to introduce the future of smart transportation system and to motivate our young generation towards the development of future technologies. 

Dear Friends,

I express my sincere thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my story of hard work and dedications for the development of future technologies and to inspire young generation towards the Research and Innovations.

PIXY Smart Car at Smart Cities and Smart Transport Exhibition 2016, New Delhi, India

After twelve years of dedicated and irreproachable service with a strong experience in Research & Development, my employer declared me UNFIT for the employment and expel me out at one day notice period. I was only earning hand in my family and this inhuman and licentious behavior of my employer, ruined my future and make my family hard to survive. At that time, when my life was full of difficulties, I borrowed some funds and took very hard decision to design and develop a Hybrid Electric Smart Car along with bearing my family responsibilities. I began my journey alone with a vision to encourage the people to use renewable energy sources and motivated young generation towards the development of technologies to use renewable energy sources efficiently. First, I established a small workshop at my home in rural area then, I started this project from scratch and worked alone on all the modules like Mechanical parts, Electrical wiring, Sensor based Electronic systems and Android Software.

PIXY Smart Car at Smart Cities and Smart Transport Exhibition 2016, New Delhi, India

It was totally amazing experience for me to design and develop this smart car named PIXY with limited resources and tools. I worked nonstop day and night in all weather conditions either chilled winter or hot summer under a bamboo stick shadow. During the course of development, I got complete experience in diverse technologies and feel much proud in completing this Smart Car Project in a small period of eight months.

Friends, I hope this Innovation & Development will motivate young generation to work on future technologies with respect to promote the Innovation & Research in green & renewable energy.

Kind Regards

Lalit Kumar

Mobile No. +91 9911040725

E-mail: kewallalit@gmail.com

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