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10 Awesome Ways To Balance The Mind

10 Awesome Ways To Balance The Mind

Wednesday November 02, 2016,

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10 Tips to get rid from the brain fog immediately

Time to time our brain needs to relax. Often in the metro cities stress and anxiety and the most common phenomenon is Brain Fog. It is fairly recurrent but it is not normal.

While walking on the path we suddenly forgot why we are walking and the reason for our existence. A common factor like pollution, stress and emotional factors often leads to anxiety and depression too. How to resolve all?

We get down to bed thinking to get up in early morning and try some healthy routine:

But in morning waking up time 7, Ohh Time to rush!!

I have some out of the box tips to calm your mind and relax your brain So here is easy and simple tips that easy and simple tips that will give you the brighter side of your brain and body.

1. Observe:

Seeing is not observing as it needs to churn your brain. Observation involves analyzing. Try and observe what’s around you and stop imaging as that will take you to fantasy world. A small example I give try read and analyze. Our car stopped at the traffic signal, couple of kids comes with mammoth size Pokémon and various cartoon character balloons’ bought them hoping to help without analyzing the real situation.

Give 10 bucks and I played my part... Is that you feel Observe that parents are sitting around the corner forcing them to sell. Analyze these common situations.

Go to an art gallery and see the depth of the painting,see the use of the colours and feel that aura of colours around you.

2. Learn:
A wise man once said “One is never old for learning new things”:

Often we feel ,

"Why should I learn as I know more than him / her or he is junior to me … Ego comes in between the learning process”.

Learning is a continuous process till death makes us apart. Try to embrace people and adapt the change. Embrace every opportunity of learning from people and animals. Look at an ant how it free itself from an entangled thread.. or how a cleaning spree conducted by your office and seeing the dedication you also got involved in it.

3. Listen:

Everyone needs an ear to listen as so many are speaking.....

Can somebody listen to me please, I am so tied up inside....

All we need a ear to listen in this busy world....

Listen to the sound around you, when you walk around the street listen to voices, chirping of the birds and even the honking. Music is good but the entire time plug in really makes you feel out of the planet. Be here in this planet and listen the natural sounds and also try to add new music in your playlist.

"I remember a chat between 3 year son and a mother regarding chocolate and how it bought smile to my face. A blabbing child took chocolate out of her purse and gave her reasons that why she is eating and in the end happily finishing it off."

Listen to your parents and their experiences....

“I can bet on it that listening to experiences of your parents can help you in solving your problems.”
4. Experiment :

You built a cocoon around yourself and not ready to come out, break it and be free”

One needs to step out the comfort zone to be mentally free. A very simple and effective way, ”Try new route back to and fro from home and office but don’t get lost on the way”

This will help in the conditioning of the brain as your brain will start working in a new direction.

There are other simple ways also,” Grab a book and read on the way back try and involve in the characters”.

Try learning some new language and not for professional purposes but for the fun sake.

5. Expand, “Don’t be a frog in the well”.

Open your arms expand and embrace the changes. One just feels that knowledge person has acquired in school and college is the benchmark... “

"Buddy try and learn new things and tries to expand not in the waistlines but in the brains.”

We need to expand our radius, suppose if we love mountains and often holiday, think and time to change the location. Go to some desert area this time and see the beauty of sands and this will help your mind to unwind.

6. Get your imagination run wild:

Don’t curtail yourself in the tinderbox, you have your mind and it works wonders at times. See the world, click new pictures and let your imagination run wild. Unleash your creativity for a day; try anything from going to a Haat Bazaar to any bird sanctuary. There you can click some unusual picture.

What you can do make it a task for once in a week go to some common market and look for usual clicks.

“After couple of days look back at the picture and the words you will say is” Did I click this.”

Being an entrepreneur you can discover talent in your employees. When you hired an employee in your organization who till now doesn’t know about his/her hidden talent and is more confused. Don’t shun it out and show the door to the employee as the entrepreneur it your responsibility to get the real talent from the employee. You can actually hit a jackpot or a goldmine.

7. Talk :
“Talk out your blues”. In the above mentioned point I wrote “Listen”

Share your information. It will help in learning new things and if you as a person want to if you want to learn new things then you have to listen. Make yourself listening new things helps in innovation and these all helps in the successful growth of business.

8. Generate new ideas :
“Be the real leader”

Often, employees will have new, original ideas for the organisation. But sometimes they feel shy and timid and they don’t open up. So, it is the duty of the leader to cultivate an open atmosphere that invites discussion and sharing of ideas. As a leader, it’s easy to feel responsible for generating all the ideas for a business. However, feel that each and every employee can bring a fresh perspective and be a gold mine of ideas.

9. Exercise :

The body and mind is one unit and if they are not in good condition then you have to pay the consequences. Solve some riddles and on the daily basis like the one given below:


10. Play with your mind:

Walk, talk, listen and relax. There is no problem in taking your body and mind somewhere you feel lost as after losing yourself you will find your true self.

“Biggest secret – Implement them daily”

These experiences are of Mr. Ankit Jain, CEO EBazar.Ninja, who is an avid reader and columnist. He penned down his thought on the how to get stress and anxiety free.He himself suffers from extreme work stress and the above tricks are his way to wade off the bad days.