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Does magic really happen? 3 days to go for my resignation and all dots connect

Story of 5 pointer who turned things around - startup journey

Flashback few years back I was a student struggling with his academics. I was a five pointer. I knew very well I won’t be placed in college placements as the companies would ask 60 percent throughout. Who could have imagined I would bag one of the top placements of my college that too in dream core company for others. I was not even in top 150 of my batch still i managed to be in top 15 percent in terms of placements. Who could have imagined I will be representing INDIA in USA in one of the most prestigious competition hosted by NASA and LOCKHEED MARTIN. The team I represented managed to stand first in ASIA and 18th all over world at the event held at Los Angeles, California 2013.Who could have imagined a 5 pointer can even score a 9 pointer. We bagged many awards and honors

But how all this happened? Can a Five pointer student like me who lost all hope in life can stand again? I spoiled my school academics big time.The biggest hit was after my results my dad even spoke a single word to me.I would be happy if he would have scolded and beaten me.All thanks to your first love,I spoiled my schools.

I joined my college and performed awfully again in my first year.I had very poor basics.Then something strange happened. I met Pratik Rai. We shared common thoughts to change world to a better place,do something big,break the stereotypes.We decided not to repeat again and we started working hard for it.Things started changing, I scored 9 pointer in my next year.

I still remember the day in my college days when Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam came for a function and said when you will try to achieve your goal and dreams, everything will turn against you. But you need to understand that those obstructions are meant to stop you. Everything will fall against you, but you need to walk slowly towards your goal.

        "Dreaming small is a biggest crime”-Dr A.P.J Abdul kalam

“Never lose hope in your life. Never stop trying. Things of past cannot be changed but what all of us have is our present. u never know where your hidden fortune is .Fortune favor the braves so work hard"

All Dot connects: Everything happens for a reason: Music led to born of an Entrepreneur

I joined the company where I was recruited. Soon I realized I don’t belong to this race, the rat race. The race to promotions, the race to increment. I just wanted to be myself and do things which make me feel happy. This was time I started composing my own music and songs and I released my first album “Aab to aa bhi ja” on you tube. I loved the concept of starting from a scratch and give it a completely new shape.Its gives you immense amount of happiness.

I never thought I will head to starty my own company.But somehow i started with NASA events in college which gave me immense amount of exposure in terms of marketing,finance and exposure to corporate world.Then my own music albums.I now feel everything happened for a reason.I was supposed to be an Entrepreneur. Thats the reason may be why this all happened in a sequence

“Whatever you are doing know will connect to something at some point,and at that point of time you will realize that what you did earlier happened for a reason.A reason which lead you to a bigger cause,a bigger change and all dots will start connecting to each other"

Part where magic happened: My first venture

I am a road trip lover.A bike enthusiast.Idea popped into my head and I decided to start my first venture.But here is where all the problem started.I was having no resources.The nearest city where I was placed was 350 km. To the worst my team were in different part of the country.We hardly had any saving too.So we didn’t had a team at one place,no finance,no resource.We fixed a launch date few months ahead and decided to take leaves for a month and gather at one place to launch it as a test trial.We knew it wont work as we didn’t had any money or savings for marketing and advertising and other expenditure.We somehow managed the app and website.We reached the decided deadline month and risked our job by taking leaves more then the sanctioned period.We worked day and night in those 1 month and throghout this journey.We were very clear that doesn’t matter we fail or win but we will give all we have.

We needed money for marketing now.This was the time where magic happened.We approached media houses and they loved our concept.All leading newspaper gave us the front column.We were amazed by the response.No one knew us in the city but still all loved us.We approached many corporate house and office and we were overwhelmed by the possitive response.The booking started coming right from the first day.

  “If u believe in something and start working day and night, things will slowly start turning your side"
You will realize there is some force which helps you out. So if you want to start something just start, don’t listen to anyone, trust yourself and start. Its like when u took a car and take a road unknown in dark and start driving to roads you are not aware of, but slowly when u move forward things will get clear, the darkness will disappear and you can see place ahead

The Darkest time

But then the sad part pitches in.Our leaves were exhausted..1 months was over.Leaving our startup at this stage was like a suicide.But you also need to resume your job to take care of employees salary and other expenditure.This is where all question arises.Did we started at wrong time?Should we had enough savings first? Your family,friends and everyone goes against you.You have a very weak support system at this point.Your one wrong decision can finish it all and I decided to resign and sell my first love,my bike to support my startup.Will update you shortly about my startup details.Till then stay tuned to Yourstory

CEO and Founder

There is nothing like a right time or a wrong time. Its all about how much u believe in yourself and stick to your decision.A wrong decision will always turn up right if u stick to it and work day and night for it.If u wait for the right time,it will never come”


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