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5 Interesting things to do in office breaks & their benefits

We always look for something interesting to do during the free hours at the office but end up doing the same thing. Here are five interesting activities and their benefits that you can follow after having your lunch.

5 Interesting Things To Do At Lunch Break

What do you do when you’re free at office hours or during lunch breaks? Do you quickly finish your food and rush to see your phone? Or do you rush for a sip of coffee, tea or smoke?

There are lots of interesting and productive things that can be followed by the employees rather than chewing snacks, sipping endless cups of coffee/tea and loitering around?

You should strategize your lunch hours perfectly so that it can help you to gain energy from calories for your mind to function at its best, refreshes you to increase your level of productivity, refuel and re-energize. If you follow these tactics, it will make you not only a better employee but also a healthier and happier person.

So let’s quickly peep into the five interesting things of how to maximize your office breaks.

Tip: Follow these activities after having your lunch.

5 Interesting Things To Do In Office Breaks

1. Get organized: Don’t squander your lunch breaks in gossiping or sitting idle. Move on to your table and tackle those emails flooding your inbox, clean up your inbox and make sure things are in good order.

If you have any work that you plan to finish after the office hours, you can get it done during the lunch breaks. Pre scheduling will keep you free and organized after the office hours and of course no headaches.

2. Listen to your favorite tracks: Music is the best anxiety buster! Just tune into your choice of tracks on your cell phone or your PC.

At times we as a whole need some new zen in our lives. Music helps to manage your breathing and diminish strain. The best part is that you can hear it out wherever you are. And after listening to it, you’ll feel that continuous power is being transmitted to your body and brain to work with all enthusiasm again.

Tip: Just be extra careful about the headphones you’re using. Some headphones give unnecessary weight on the ear ligament, the largeness of the headband and again the extraordinary warmth on the buds in the earphones may make such distress that one doesn't have a craving for connecting to any tune.

I always use the most comfortable headphones that don’t cause any damage to the hearing, gives me comfort and add beauty to the music. 

3. Playing free online games: This is the best activity at lunch breaks. Mind games keep tickle you thinking nerve and helps you reduce stress at work. I usually play Ludo, candy crush, NFS, Fireboy, and Watergirl, etc.

You must be amazed by the fact that benefits to gaming can be many like it improves your memory and decision-making skills, increase the ability to focus, best for cognitive health, tackle stress, gamers have better social skills, helps you being more persistent, etc.

4. Browse a local market near your office: This particular thing brings a lot of exercise and excitement. I usually get downstairs in my lunch hours and soak up the local shops, wherein at times I collect some craft stuff and try to make something good for myself or my desk.

Sometimes I find myself pretty good at bargaining which is indeed a good part of marketing. So, take your colleagues and get yourself involved in the activity of marketing that will lead to a refreshing change of pace.

5. Watch a free concert: Tuning into a live concert in your lunch hour can truly lift your mood. For a helpful beginning stage, try to listen to some comedy groups or stand up comedians.

Laughter boosts your immune system, help reduce blood pressure, stimulate your mind, an easy workout that helps you burn few calories (a surprising fact to be noted, a 10-15 min laughter can burn about 50 calories) and more.

So, all the previously mentioned things are best to follow during breaks for ideal and positive outcomes. Do try these exercises to influence your efficiency in work.