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Ways to speed up the product design-to-development process

Unveil the process to accelerate product design-to-development process and stay ahead in the competition.

Many companies are known for delivering a captivating user experience by providing an innovative product design. A captivating design works as a catalyst between a digital solution and its users. A simple example to understand the importance of product design is to look at Instagram and Snapchat, both being photo-sharing platforms are successful.

Software Product design - to - development

In the world of product development, there are ways to remove inefficiencies from the design process without forgoing the speed. In fact, this practice is quite simple, but the vision and passion to do implement a strategy have to flow from the top management. Beyond starting from the right place and drawing user personas, here are the 4 hacks to speed-up the development of a captivating product.

Clear the confusions

An unclear communication with the client or failing to swallow the requirements can lead to a confused product design. Here, a project manager has to lead the way by being a cultural manager to ensure that all the gaps are joined with an appropriate bridge.

Looking at this from user’s perspective, confusion means unclear navigation or finding it difficult to understand the features. It is excessively critical to address them that can be achieved only if you see the product from a user’s perspective. Thus clearing the confusions can help you achieve desired pace.

Improve designer to developer handover

This will sound familiar. Look beneath or surround you, I’m sure you would have gone through a phase where a designer handover’s something to a developer and has to be returned back due to some errors. Time doesn’t stop for you while you are doing this back and forth. Use the right processes and tools can save a lot of time.

Be a tasker and not multi-tasker

Designs flow from the vision of its creator. It usually happens that a developer gets bogged down by the tasks on hand and as a human tendency, no one could sustain the energy throughout the day. Losing projects or the effectivity of a product is not something that an organization can afford. Better to consider the projects on resource availability and deliver your best.

Create and re-use

The easiest way to increase speed and cut on cost is to develop reusable code snippets, components and prototypes. An organization can create a library of code and if a match is found, can use the previously used codes. An engineer can make it a habit to write neat codes to make the things easier.

Nearly 80% of products miss their launch dates (source) and Time is money. The more you delay, the lesser you gain. But with these hacks, you get an opportunity to deliver more in less time, and most importantly beat the competitors by a fair margin. So just Go there and WIN!