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Blockchain technology will be around for a long time

It has been over a decade since we first witness the advent of Bitcoin which was rooted deeply and operated on the Blockchain technology. The rise has been steady but undeniable. 

Blockchain Tech

From a few lucky ones predicting it will be the next big thing and becoming millionaires today and a lot of others who sold off early and are now gritting their teeth in regret. Remember the guy that bought pizza with 10,000 Bitcoin? That's over 50 million today.

But this isn't about Bitcoin, what serves as the bedrock of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency as a whole is actually the system by which it operates. The Blockchain technology is a reliable mathematical system that can securely allow you to perform and conduct different forms of transaction anonymously if you choose and also, accountable.

Blockchain technology serves as the foundation of decentralized currency and has been incorporated in many other systems in the world, serving as one of the fastest rising avenues of payment in the world right now. Since it reserves the possibility of anonymity, reliability, ease, the fact that it is immediate and also the low transaction charges incurred, it is with little wonder that Blockchain technology is here to stay.

One of the major reasons behind the validity and ubiquitousness of Bitcoin is the fact that it is built upon this technology and so many other Cryptocurrencies and even businesses have followed suit to be built similarly.


A leap in the right direction in the area of online beauty stores involves initiatives that are tied to new technology. Jolyy TGE, a platform for connecting everybody in the beauty world, from suppliers, beauticians to customers, has come up with a groundbreaking initiative that uses Blockchain Technology when booking beauty services online. Not only is it immediate and quick, but it also incurs extremely low transaction charges.

With various features available. This is seen as one of the best steps in the right direction for the online beauty business as it bridges the gap between all contributors in the beauty market.

Blockchain technology opens a wide door of possibilities in different areas and parts of life. Serving as an efficient form of conducting transactions and passing information, its growth has been unprecedented and its acceptance in our modern day world has been wide.

No matter what happens to Bitcoin or even other Cryptocurrencies, we can confidently say that Blockchain Technology will be around for a long time.


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