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There's a Corporate Lollipop we all have to taste in Indian Jobs!

There's a myth that working in a 9-5 job is as easy as slicing cheese; well that's how it is portrayed at least! People tend to work really hard in most of the corporate, but only on papers and emails. Every young mind is made to taste the CORPORATE LOLLIPOP when it decides to work for itself!

Graduation years are often referred to be the turning points of a young mind's life. Everyone around seems to suddenly care about our careers more than we ever plan to do. Ironically, for a majority of them, a "good career" means a good job in some big company with healthy package

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All the wise messengers of god around us, who can probably foresee the future often use a phrase "fir toh aish hai"... "beta boards me ache marks le aao, fir toh aish hai"..."beta ache college me admission lelo, fir toh aish hai" ... "beta degree ache se karlo, fir toh aish hai"... and finally "beta get a good job, fir toh aish hai"!  

But what comes after getting a good job is the Corporate Lollipop!

The first day at work seems as sweet as the first lick of our favourite sugarcoated Lollipop. We become our own superheroes in a fantasy world of Cabins and cubicles. Our fresh Guns loaded with Microsoft Office and an unlimited supply of Google, wait for us to shoot the presentation and excel targets handed over to us.

As the time passes, the sugarcoating starts to melt and erupts a lava of bitter corporate bite. 

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Your colleagues turn into competitors, leader turns into boss, friends turn into soft enemies. Your salaries continue to increase (more or less) but your dignity starts to fall (yet again, more or less). Your boss's cabin becomes a hungry lion's den with a carpet of pointed needles spread from door to his table and you are asked to walk without your boots on! 

Trust me, Corporate bosses want workers and not creators. If you are a creator working in a 9-5 corporate job, just think again; you might be at a wrong place! creators don't leave their work, they leave their bosses, or rather the work culture (the sweet corporate lollipop they have been tasting all this while). The moment these creators decide to take a step for themselves, they are offered some more coating of sweetness (increment). IT'S A TRAP!

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Getting into a corporate job may be easy and luring at first, but is really hard for the people who like to think, create, and have an identity for themselves. Smaller founders and CEOs seem to be much enthusiastic than bigger employees and CEOs

All Lollipops are not sweet and tasty...especially the corporate one!


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