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Reasons why getting hired is not easy

I am closely monitoring the job market from last 4 years and after analyzing a lot of things I have figured out several reasons why one may not get a good job.For your information, I would like to inform you that every year approx 1crore new students enter in the job market to get a good job.

Reason 1: Lack of Basic Skills

Maximum students waste 2-3 Months and sometimes even 1 year to search a good job just because they don’t have the required skill set which is major need of any job, they love to waste a lot of days but don’t want to learn something which is actually required. I’ve taken hundreds of interviews for my organization and found 70% Graduate students are only claiming that they know MS Office but when I ask to perform some basic things on excel they simply say “Sir Course Kiya Par Abhi Bhul Gaye”. 90% offices are working on computers, government departments are following paperless office kind of dream and you think you’ll get a job of even Rs. 8000 Per Month in an Office, You are absolutely WRONG.

Although, I Don’t support only English language or the English language is necessary to get a good job but the fact is; every HR / Company Owners knows you won’t be able to perform so many required tasks due to lack of better command on English.

Reason 2: Lack of Basic Awareness

Ever wondered why people talk about current affairs in the interviews, what is the relation of current affairs with jobs, here is the answer-

It shows how much you are aware of current happenings. Local, global, financial and political reasons always affect every business either positive way or negative way; so one should understand when your company’s business will go up and when down. Without this understanding, you can’t expect big growth in life.

Reason 3: Don’t Want To Face Targets

One of the most common problem, why people leave their job or even do not apply for the job because target pressure is there. Dear Students; will you accept a job where your salary is not confirmed, What If your HR or Boss Asks you to join the job and they’ll tell you the salary after one month or at the end of every month they will decide how much they want to pay you? Or at the end of month, they’ll ask you to ignore the current month’s salary by putting this excuse

We’ve Tried A Lot To Pay You, Your Salary But We Can’t, Sorry!

NO! You’ll not accept

Then how can you expect from an employer that they will give you free salary without any conditions, whatever you want to do, do that we’ll pay the salary? Please understand no one is a fool. In the market there is no value of “Try” after a level.Everyone wants the results, either It’s You or Your Company.

Reason 4: Art of Asking / Applying for a Job

You put a post on social media like this “I need urgent job, Please Help, I am MBA Student & Need Urgent Job My Number is 98XXXXXX98”

I literally laugh a lot on such posts. Do you think that a good employer will call you for a good opportunity without knowing your skills set, qualification and experience, definitely you’ll get some offers from placement agencies, ML or Direct Selling Representatives but no company will contact you.

And the irony is you have put your profile picture without a shirt, beer in hands or smoking with friends and some status like #sunpagli & all. Maximum modern HR & Business owners check social media profiles of candidates before calling them for an interview.

Now you can decide what kind of impression you are leaving!

Reason 5: You Don’t Know How To Face An Interview

Case 1: Last year 1 MBA student came to my office in the very weird manner and I asked him for the resume, he said my placement officer in college informed that I should apply here so I came and I don’t have the resume right now.

Case 2: One Engineering student applied for the receptionist at our organization and I thought why she applied for this post after doing engineering from CS branch. But when she came to our office, I understood why she applied for reception’s job

She came with matrimonial BIO-DATA and I literally asked that girl that I have no younger brother (I Know This Case is little bit tough to understand for few people)

Case 3: a few days back one candidate came to us for interviews and literally interviewed us, You should have a proper research about organization before appearing in the interview.

Reason 6: Bad Portfolio

You left 5 jobs in 2 years will never create a positive image or shifting too much with profiles can make your image worse in front of the interviewer and when your interviewer asks why you left the last job – You start speaking badly about the previous employer. This is the point where smart HR Rejects YOU, they know you’ll speak bad about them too after leaving the latest job.

p.s. : Always confirm from your family about the job you are joining, explain all the terms and conditions to your family, I have seen so many people where they left the job because brother/father/sister/wife/mother said that you should not go for this job, sometimes people leave it for even Rs. 500’s Hike in other company.

To summarize, please invest some time and money (if required) on how to face an interview. What to ask and what to not ask. Don’t circulate copy paste style resume or CV. Normally, You just get 5-15 Minutes to express yourself which actually decides that you’ll get that job or not.

Varun Surana