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Interview can either make or break your career

Interview: An Inside View 

Unless you’re an entrepreneur, interview is one stage of your career path that you have to go through. Remember the board exams that you’d given a few years back? The tension, the pressure, the constant preparation? Overloading the child in you that wished to break free? Well, interview is pretty much the same deal. But the difference is, you are no longer pressurized by someone, but are pressurized by yourself. What if I don’t get the job? What if I never get employed? What if I lose out on this offer and get a smaller package? The many tensions we give ourselves is what destroys us.

So, can an interview really make or break your career? Of course not! But the pressure inside your head definitely can. And the result? This pressure transfers onto your speech and body language and you tend to lose out on an opportunity.

So let’s have a look at a few aspects that can make or break your job interview

Making a great entrance can be of utmost importance. And no, it doesn’t start from the time you walk in through the door, but starts right from the parking lot or the entry gate. You can never know who your interviewer can be and if he was actually watching you while you were frantically searching for your resume or looking for that cigarette. So from the time you enter, appear calm and composed, no matter how fidgety you feel from within.

If there’s a receptionist outside the interviewers cabin, always remember,she’s watching you. Receptionists are asked to keep an eye on the candidates seated and are asked to give their take. Try to impress her, not with talks, but a pleasant greeting and a confident appearance.

It’s an interview and you’re going to be waiting long. Unless you were expecting to be a vip in an interview, do not throw tantrums. Sit up straight and never have too many items in your lap. You always want to get up gracefully and not appear clumsy.

Give that perfect handshake. Do not give him the death grip or the limp shake. Practice the perfect grip with a friend a couple of times prior your interview.

Once at the interview desk, make sure you place only your resume at the table or your lap. Place all the other belongings on the floor beside you so it’s easier for you to interact and be comfortable.

In the end, gather your belongings calmly, nod your head and do give a pleasant smile. Do not do anything that would leave a negative impression in the mind of the interviewer.

Now that you’re out, wait until you leave the building entirely to do as you may please.

Just keeping these few of these points in mind can help you move smoothly in an interview and it wouldn’t seem like a huge task after all.


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