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5 Branding Tips for Startups

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Wednesday November 16, 2016,

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Branding is an important business activity that targets establishing brands in the minds of people. While branding is an absolute necessity for businesses that have been in the race for many years, it is equally an important activity for the startup companies too. In fact, it becomes highly essential for a start-up to act on branding activities since such activities help them settle in the planned business quickly. We provide 5 branding tips for startups which will help them begin with a bang.

1. Pre-launch marketing efforts

Create a marketing plan to pre-launch your product even before landing on the market to sell your product. When you take your product to the market directly without any prior introduction through pre-launch activities, the real value proposition the product offers will not be realized by anyone concerned. When the product touches the target market after an introduction through pre-launch marketing, it will quickly settle down for the competitive products on the shelf.

2. Seek the advice of marketing experts

When it comes to advising, many who don’t even have an iota of an idea about what you have planned to venture into will pour in plenty of advice. Most of these would dampen your spirits making you think if you have to really venture into the business. Avoid taking advice from Tom, Dick, and Harry. Seek the help of an expert in the marketing field who will guide you properly about various things you have to know about branding.

3. Have appropriate personnel in place

Remember, you cannot get involved in each and every aspect of the start-up. Deploy personnel who are responsible and creative. Ensure they are capable of adding value to your idea of branding. Check if they have the capacity to implement the branding activity planned in a more-than-expected manner.

4. Consider ideas of people who say ‘No’

We may across many people in house or external branding sources who try to satisfy us instead of the need of the branding efforts. In case, you have a person in your team who says that an idea is not okay, feel you are lucky to have him. Not that you must have a pessimist in your team who spoils the broth every time, but this many times is capable of extending your thinking capabilities. The trigger created by his ‘no’ may call for many brainstorming session which would ultimately come out with the perfect branding idea.

5. Think reasonable money

Branding may be an important aspect of marketing a startup company. This does not mean you have to throw away all your money into it. Remember it is not money that will automatically get you branded but the exact communication which is going to matter. Look for people who can do what is planned for branding in an economical manner. When you are a start-up, don’t fall for ‘the higher the cost of branding the better it will be’.

Have these tips pertaining to branding when you try to market your startup. They make help you move forward safely.