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Becoming jewellery entrepreneurs

Affordable and Practical Jewellery for the Millennial (INR 3000 - 30000)

In India, jewellery is considered an asset: a long-term investment, and security during financial crisis. However, with increase in travel, rapid changes in fashion trends, and growth of carbon diamonds, precious jewellery is no longer the crowned possession it once was. I’ve learned this from personal experience.

During my great big Indian wedding, I left no stone unturned when it came to my trousseau: a special outfit for each event, and of course, heavy, traditional jewellery to go with it. While my gold bangles, emerald earrings, and diamond necklaces were admired on my big day, they’ve done nothing but collect dust since. My sister Priyanka shared my disappointment when her “investments” couldn’t be shown off at her best friend’s destination wedding, and when their dated designs wouldn’t compliment her new outfits. Growing increasingly frustrated, Priyanka was determined to find a solution: the beginning of Bejeweled.

Priyanka began creating Swarovski jewellery with pure silver establishments, which deliver sophistication and affordability: an elegant solution to our problem. Her pieces perfectly suit the needs of modern women, as their sleek designs not only make them highly versatile, but also offer practicality and comfort. Despite the unbelievable lightness, Bejeweled also captures the robust look of its traditional and real counterparts. From its conception, Bejeweled took off almost immediately; jewellery that was once only requested by friends and family began selling out quick.

Seeing this company’s incredible potential and believing in its philosophy, I decided to join my sister on this venture. With Priyanka’s creative flare guiding the designing process, and my networking and organization skills handling sales, we have been able to expand Bejeweled across India. Through our social media presence and participation in countless exhibitions, like Ruchika Fest and Dressing Room, Bejeweled has generated a loyal customer base. 

We now look to continue scaling with everyone's support. Please like us, follow us and support us on!

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Sanjana Shorewala

Bewjeweled India


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