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Important tips to boost your WordPress plugins sale!


So you have entered the beautiful WordPress world and also developed a nice WordPress plugins solution for users. You might also have went to and submit it to the WordPress.org plugin repository. You must be expecting them to pay you for all the efforts and hard work you did to create a WordPress plugins. Even though you might develop a very super plugin and people do not know about it, is wastage. Selling your WordPress plugins on high scale is the biggest challenge. So if you want to increase sales for your WordPress plugins there are two ways to do so:

1) Sell on marketplace

2) Sell on your own website

WordPress already offers a platform for plugin developers to market a free version of your plugin freely. It is popularly known as plugin repository. This can be a welcoming platform for customers to know about your WordPress plugin. Customers always begin to search for new plugins and compare them a plugin repository. Hence consider offering a free version here.

For any of these ways, you have to invest time, money and marketing. Before you plan to market your plugin makes sure:

 1) Is that WordPress plugin 100% perfect 

2) What makes your plugin unique 

3) Does that WordPress plugin really solves a major work headache of the users?

If answers to above questions are yes, then it is sure that such good products market themselves gradually. If your plugin is something new which common people are not using on their website then it is bit taught to market such category plugins. 

If you don’t have your own website then consider making one and develop a page for marketing your WordPress plugins on your website. You can explain the product features on this page with details like

1) Customer support, money back guarantee 

2) Plugin features explained in full details

 3) Adding snapshots of front end & back end

 4) Adding documentation for self service on the customer’s part

 5) Demo and video which can highlight the key features

 6) FAQs – Answers to some common questions pertaining

 7) Branding – Company’s identity, such as logo should be included

Remember that today’s customer is smart. They look for various other products, compare and go for the one which really suits their needs and budget. Below mentioned tips are going to help you stay out of the crowd in selling WordPress plugins:

- Once you are done with these two ways and your plugin has started receiving some responses, plan a blog for your WordPress plugin. A plugin blog where you can share various ideas and features about your plugin in depth.

- If you are giving a constant customer support, you can write down a real time case study. You can mention in-depth details of what, how, when, where your plugin proved to be a useful thing for any user.

- You can also gain direct exposure by uploading a working video of your plugin on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube.

- SEO is another important marketing strategy which cannot be missed. Help potential audience finds your plugin in an organic way. Use proper keywords strategy for your plugin so that It can rank well enough to get clicks.

- Affiliate Program: A useful marketing option which involves customers referring other customers and in return they receive rewards. If you have a base of regular customer who can help you promote the plugin, don’t hesitate to ask them for reference. 

- Be natural and participate in all types of forums, question answer website and other discussion portals. You can promote your plugin while participating in various topics.

Apart from these, there are various selling platforms like Sell wire, FetchApp and Pulley. These applications have licensing system which is a plus point for sustaining your business through renewals. Although marketing your product on such sites will cost a bit more than organic way, it solely depends on you to choose your way. Hope this guide has been useful and informative for you! With these tips you are on a way to boost your plugin sales gradually. Happy selling!!


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