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Startups should be encouraged towards a greener tomorrow

Aspiring entrepreneurs need to think towards contributing for a cleaner and greener tomorrow

Global warming is a major concern today and countries are joining hands to arrest this alarming threat collectively. India currently contributes 6.81% of CO2 emissions globally, placed fourth after China, US and the European Union. However, India is making conscious efforts to do its bit to reduce carbon footprint and contribute towards protecting the environment but there is still a long way to go and there is a dire need to take drastic steps to accomplish this mission of a greener state for the citizens. India, one of the world’s fastest growing major economies and a major contributor to pollution, is keen to honor its commitment to clean up the environment despite the United States of America pulling out of the Paris Accord on cutting carbon emissions. Our country has clearly laid guidelines to ensure its greenhouse gas emissions from one unit of GDP in 2030 is at least one third lesser than what it used to be in 2005.

While all the big nations are already accelerating their efforts and doing their bit to reduce carbon emission, conserve energy by going green, shrinking their carbon profile or opting for a low carbon economy, it is the aspiring entrepreneurs who need to think towards contributing for a cleaner and greener environment for our tomorrow. These efforts are more evident in the west because people are relatively more evolved about the issues of global warming and carbon footprint. In India, there is a comparative dirth in awareness, and there no one at fault for this. India is an evolving economy and there is more inclination towards technology prowess than focusing on cleaning the energy to be at par with the west. Hence entrepreneurial inclination towards the environment is still a missing story.

The country is in serious need of technological solutions by young and aspiring entrepreneurs at the basic level along with the big ticket initiatives by the government to overcome the shortcomings caused by reckless wastage of electricity. There should be more comprehensive Government initiatives towards funding to encourage these startups that are coming up with clean tech initiatives. The time has come for more than just educating the mass about the reduced usage of electricity, as there is an inevitable need to have more minds towards developing intelligently designed innovative technological solutions to reduce energy consumption and in-turn reducing the carbon emission level. With such solutions in place, individuals can undertake responsibility towards reducing carbon footprint with low investments for higher returns. But, this cannot be a success till the time such efforts are recognized by the government or the corporate giants.

Right now, it is more about being digital and startups across segments are putting their efforts to make any services physical-free. But, it is equally important to be cleaner with expected efforts from individuals or companies to analyze excessive energy drainage and come up with solutions which not only enhances the environment but also prepares a better tomorrow for us. With the salient purpose to provide Carbon Footprint Reduction, Greenhouse gasses emission mitigation, Energy conservation, Cost reduction and People wellness, more players should be backed by international expertise and finest technologies to come up with energy saving devices for both the B2B and B2C segments such as industries, workshops and factories. Not every initiative always has to be larger than life to save the planet, infact, small yet responsible steps can easily serve the purpose of making the planet clean and green. 

Virendra Joshi, Managing Director, Quasar Enviro


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