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The Ultimate Biker – 4 Outfit Styles to Try Out

Motorcycles are a passion. The gentle perfume of petrol, the roaring melody of the engine, the cool breeze rushing past and an open road.

Motorcycles are a passion. The gentle perfume of petrol, the roaring melody of the engine, the cool breeze rushing past and an open road – that is all one needs to get away from the monotony of daily life. We treat our bikes with the love and respect we show our families, and maintain the sheen of the cold metal as if they were bought yesterday. How about matching your look with your bike’s? Look as good as your motorcycle does and make heads turn as you ride past the crowds. Here are four different looks you could try out:

1) Ripped Jeans and Leather Jackets

The classic biker look – you can never go wrong with a pair of ripped or faded men’s jeans and a leather jacket. Try to go in of contrasting colours. The ideal combination would be light blue pants, a white printed tee and a dark coloured jacket. If you are uncomfortable wearing leather, you can find a variety of brands such as Duke and Fort Collins that offer leatherette jackets (Shh! No one will know the difference). Finish off this look with a pair of leather (or leatherette) boots.

2) Denims with Checked Shirts

Another classic for the riders, this look is for those who want comfort without having to compromise on style. Black and dark blue straight cut denims are always a hit with the ladies. Match these with red, blue or grey button down checks shirts. Make sure you don’t tuck them in! An additional combination you could try is a combination of V-necked tee and unbuttoned slim-fit check shirt. Opt for long-sleeved ones so that you can roll up the sleeves, and wear a few black wristbands for a more grunge look.

3) Track Pants/ Shorts and Tee

If you have a sports bike, this is the perfect look for you. The rocker outfit doesn’t often match well with bright coloured sports bikes. Try on track pants from brands like Nike and Adidas, and pair it with a sports jersey or a simple printed tee. If you want a more boyish charm, pick out shorts from brands like abof and SKULT, and put on a bright coloured tee to match. Complete thisoutfit with flip-flops or sneakers.

4) Chinos and Polo Shirts

A little sophistication doesn’t hurt anyone. Ankle-length chinos, a bright coloured polo shirt and a pair of flashy sunglasses, and you could be sipping iced tea at a beach-side five-star resort! This attire is perfect for metropolitan gentlemen who would like to keep things simple – but fashionable. You can also have most fun with this look by mixing and matching different coloured chinos with striped and plain polo shirts. Complete your outfit with some casual loafers.

Accessories for an Extra Zing

* As an added bonus, here are a few tips on accessories that you can add to your biker look.

* Jean chain with ripped jeans for the rocker effect.

* Black biker gloves can protect your hands and make you look cool.

* Choose the stylish helmet to pair with your bike, but of top quality (Safety first), and add graffiti to match your personality.

* Bandanas are a multipurpose item. Wear it over your head to prevent helmet hair, over your nose to avoid pollution or tie it on your wrist (and bring back the ‘80s).


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