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5 office cleaning tips for better productivity


Having a clean workspace or working environment keeps you focused and breezy at work. An immaculate workspace not only enhances your productivity but also makes an upright impression on your clients and co-workers.

So, it is always important to have a keen interest in keeping your office or personal space perfectly clean and tidy. To help you out with the course of cleaning, we have listed few nifty office cleaning tips together that may hopefully help you in keeping your workspace spick and span.

So, let’s get started..!

• De-clutter the workspace

It is obvious to usually find a collection of clutter in the form of wrappers, extra copies of paperwork and to-do lists in each cabin, which ends up creating a mess. So, give this mess a little time before it turns into huge junk, making it a laborious work.

Start by clearing out everything you find outdated or of no use and avoid the heap of paperwork on your desk space. Plan a regular “clean out” of your desk space at least once a week, either the beginning or the end of it. But do plan it to have a clear desk and a refreshed the mind.

• Clean the electronics

No matter how much you restrict your food crumbs from falling on your keyboard, they do and leave your desk appearing grimy. Well, cleaning up this mess before your boss notices it is good for you and your workspace too.

Cleaning up your keyboard, monitor, phone and all the electronics in your workspace every alternate day would be a good idea to keep the debris and dust from affecting your electronics. Use a microfiber cloth, a multipurpose disinfectant to clean the grim on the surfaces of electronics and screen wipes for your monitor screens.

• Keep the desk organized

One of the biggest stress you find at your workspace are the piles of paperwork on the desk, in the drawers and on the floor. With a proper system of arranging everything in an ordered manner and placing only those things which are often used you can organize your desk and drawers.

The context of keeping the desk organized relates to using file folders, trays and labels to segregate things and finding them back quickly when required.

• Get rid of Junk

Get rid of everything you feel is not worthy of using or usable anymore on the desk and get your dustbin emptied each day. If you are unsure about an item at your desk, place it in your bottom drawer and when found no use of it, just drop it in the trash.

All those business cards you purchased years ago and broken stationery should not occupy any more space at your desk, trash them. To ensure that your workspace remains immaculate, you got to be ruthless with all the space-wasters, and clutter.

• Don’t forget the floor

It is often found that the employees don’t take a keen interest in keeping the floor clean. There is a multitude of things that always make it to the floor like Paper scraps, odd crumbs, hair etc.

The dirty floor under you might not get noticed by you several times but will surely catch the attention of your co-workers or colleagues, which can lead to a discomforting situation. So, before you get into one, get your floor cleaned thoroughly each day.

Misc Cleaning tips

• Get yourself and co-workers or colleagues in the habit of maintaining a clean working environment.

• A green lover leaves no space without plants, not even the desk. So, if you are one, then opt for plastic or silk plants that require no watering and do not contribute to allergies.

• Have the trash can liners placed at the bottom of your trash cans, which will provide quick cleaning of trash.

• If you have a carpet at your workspace, then get your carpet cleaning done through various service providers frequently.

• Get an overall professional cleaning service for your office, this will free up your schedule.

• Keep swifter in your drawer for the dusty days and also a container of disinfectant wipes for quick clean up of coffee spills, or food crumbs etc.

Cleaning Plan

Wait! Before you rush to clean up the mess, you need to make a cleaning plan to avoid missing out or misplacing something important. So, start with the de-cluttering of paperwork and things on your desk carefully. Think twice before you label anything as trash. When you are done with de-cluttering, it’s time to clean up the grime on your desk with disinfectant wipes or swifter.

Firstly, start cleaning up your electronics on the desk like a keyboard, mouse, phone, printer etc. Also, take a look at the stationery that looks too old or not fit to be used anymore. Change them often or at least keep them looking tidy and fresh.

Empty your desk before you start rolling the swifter on it. Make sure you clean all the corners of the desk. And then place all the important stuff or the only stuff you need on the desk in an organized manner. Drop the rest in the trash.

Now it’s time to bring things out of the drawers and clean up the drawers too. This way you can discard something you find not useful anymore and also may find something you have been looking for.

When the desk is done, it’s time to get the floor cleaned. Either it is plain bare floor or the carpet, get it cleaned as often as possible to keep it looking tidy and fresh. If you can’t do it by yourself, get it cleaned by helpers or cleaning service providers.

Bottom Line

This was all that you needed to know to keep your workspace clean, and things get easier when you know how to tackle them. So, now when you know the basic office cleaning tips and tricks, do follow them and also share them with your colleagues at the office to maintain a tidy and healthy environment.

Cleaning doesn’t need a specific time, all it needs is a person’s keen interest in keeping things organized and immaculate. It is advised to deal with the mess immediately before it accumulates and turns into a huge pile of dirt.

As mentioned above in the tips, always have disinfectant wipes available to clean up the mess you create if you end up eating something at your desk. Keeping your desk or your workspace clean motivates and boosts the energies to work lively and stay focused.


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