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5 hacks which could make your summers super easy

5 hacks which could make your summers super easy

Tuesday June 13, 2017,

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Every summer has a story because a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about. So, make sure this year you make some really good memories… I’m sure the moment you ended up reading the first line, your head was flooded with plans. Isn’t it? I knew it! Now that you’ve planned your holiday destination and landed on the booking window, ensure that you don’t run less on wardrobe or styles.

Guys & Girls get ready to make their stare worth a while.

1. A handful of casual t-shirt will solve all your worries

You are all set to stroll around the streets of your favourite holiday destination with your friends and don’t want to waste time in deciding your outfit. Just pick up your favourite tee pair it up with denim shorts and some trendy shoes. And hit the street. Trust me your simplicity and elegance will make their jaw’s drop. It works wonders.

2. Never stress yourself for colours

Summer is known as the season of colours. From tangy orange to ocean blue or a vibrant pink, your summer dress or a muscle t-shirt can have any-thing. Just be high on confidence and nail it.

3. Must have a Boho Outfit

Girls, (especially) you don't always have to fit into skin-tight dress to look sexy. Summer is all about bohemian styles. Just pick up a boho party dress and hit the floor.

4. Always pack a pair of trainers

It's always fun to walk or run barefoot on the sand, it certainly gives you a calm feeling. But, it is equally dangerous and difficult to run barefoot on sand, as the body sinks into the sand and needs more strength to come back. So make sure you pack a pair of trainers and if you don’t have, then buy one.


You can easily get women’s or men’s trainer under 25 pounds.

5. Don’t miss out on fragrance. I repeat, do not!

You are all dolled up for the evening with everything just right in place. But, if you are stinking badly then trust me, your evening is going to turn into a catastrophe. So, make sure you carry your deodorant or fragrance. There is a saying which goes this way, “People who smell good are automatically attractive”. Choose wisely.

Left confused as to where to go on shopping? Not to worry. I have a list of few amazing shopping streets and online websites, where you can find fashionable clothes and shoes for your modest buck.

1. Camden.

2. Carnaby Street

3. King’s Road

4. Covent Garden

5. Spitalfields

6. Bond Street & Mayfair

And just in case you don’t want to hurt your feet, here is a list of amazing online shopping websites.

1. asos

2. boohoo

3. Amazon

4. Marks & Spencers

5. Missguided