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"There is a silence in this world that only naked honesty can hear."


These birds often give you a sense of freedom to move around to fly free to any destination as you fancy but in spite of this freedom they choose to follow a different tangent that is to stick around to fly in flocks to work and live together. I wonder why, when you have an option to do all you want by yourself then why would one want to stay in a life with rules according to how the others expect you to live like. The reasons that strike me for the same would be attachment, emotions, fear of being alone and lack of confidence in oneself to move towards their dreams. But can these traits overcome the passion in one to achieve those heights. Is mankind that deceptive about achieving what they dream about? On the other side there are masses who willingly kill to climb the ladder of success, they hijack the dreams of others and make personal gains by using the talent bestowed on others.

Crab mentality (A person who creates hurdles in the path of another person on its way to achieve the goal when he himself can’t reach the goal) is common among mortals but how can that fear of being defeated by one make you give up on something you always dream about.

The Giants sitting at the top who claim to run the economy makes it a faraway dream for people trying to built their own name in the industry, before they can even try the fear of making through the journey to reach where these giants sit, scares them away. This fear compels them to take up a secured shelter under the home of those giants and that’s how a potential talented person sacrifices on their dreams. I personally believe this fear of the dark clouds in the journey stops them from reaching the destination and they decide to pledge their talent in return of security.

People look beyond the dark clouds, think about the bright sun waiting for you to reach there, it wants you to dream, to think differently and to take the risk because when you reach your goal every difficulty you faced along the way makes it worth it. Imagine about the moment when you just can’t help but smile and dance in glory and trust me that’s the best way to show those giants who does not let anyone overcome them that you can’t keep killing the passion in people there will always be that one person in a million to walk right pass you in this race. Be that person.


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