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Hear the buzz around coupon sites – Time for a reality check with CouponsJi

Coupon sites are coming up with great deals everyday. You don't have a reason to be left behind.

Sunday December 11, 2016,

2 min Read

Most eCommerce platforms have gained immense popularity in India over the last few years. A widespread the growth of these platforms has set the tone for other associated businesses like that of online couponing. CouponsJi is all set to claim its own niche among other major players in the industry.

Couponsji.in has what it takes for a new kid on the block to excel and edge past stiff competition. While comparing the options to capitalize on new business opportunities, Avik Sarkar, the CEO & founder of Couponsji, says: "Couponing websites function in a similar manner. The challenge lies in identifying the trends and presenting our target audience with all valid offers. The general market in India even poses more challenge towards categorizing our products. At this moment, we are being more attentive as we can’t move vertically"

CouponsJi has introduced multiple product categories like Online Recharges, Travel & Tours, Mobiles & Tablets, Fashion Trends, Electronics, Babies Hub and much more. Much of our brand’s hope to thrive in this Indian market lies on the utilization of eCommerce by shoppers. A fast penetration of broadband connectivity has created more opportunities for couponing businesses.

A vast network of 700 merchants has given Couponsji the much-needed edge over its competitors. Most of these merchant outlets are providing great discounts to their potential buyers through online coupons only. Avik sounds enthusiastic about the increasing customer base of Couponsji ever since their inception.

The large group of fans following CouponsJi on Facebook has indeed helped us increase our consumer base at large. Our services have been evenly distributed across most social media platforms. We have succeeded in maintaining a steady pace of growth at 20% during the Q4 of 2016. We are on a real high at this moment and we have plans to add a few more product categories to the delight of our customers!