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Winning Habits for 2017

There is a very thin difference between winning and losing. Most of the times it is the smaller things that we do that matter.

Success is celebrated in our society in different ways. Some identify it with higher intelligence, talent or may be the charm. But there are a few things that draw the line between winning and losing. According to researchers, it is mostly due to the smaller daily habits that we practice. Example - Say waking up early in the morning is 60% in the head and 40% due to our habits. But with a few tweaks to our daily routine, we could make 2017 a winning year - 

Reading Everyday - When you read it increases your knowledge about your career, business and makes you indispensable to your company and customers. Most successful people read more than 40 mins per day. The reason being that while pushing their careers or startups they also improve on themselves!

Less time on TV & on the Internet for recreation - Take a step back and think about the amount of time you spend staring at the screens. Instead of spending that time lets work to grow the community, personal development, meeting new people, working towards a goal or pursuing a hobby. Most successful people less than an hr watching TV and connecting to the internet for recreational purposes. 

Calm your Nerves - There are lots of arguments that can be avoided but if we made an effort to be a little more sympathetic, more energy is conserved which could be used for constructive purposes.

Setting Goals and not just wishing - Every year about 62% people make New Year resolutions and only 8% of them succeed in keeping their resolutions. On a hindsight, we are just not serious about reaching our goals and thus they remain the same list over and over with just the year changing. This could be changed with proper guidance and goal setting from professional experts

Lesser Procrastination - Our brain is the best simulator and it perceives a thing even before we do it. But with this, we start overthinking and that affects our overall output. A few ways in which we could avoid this - 

         - To-Do Lists - The best way to stop thinking and start doing 

         - Take Worry Breaks - We as humans worry a lot, but when are given  time to worry, the monkey               is off the back

         - Physical Exercises - The body and the mind are a part of one system. A change in setting or                  feeling can disrupt thoughts for good

Listen More & Talk Less - For every minute you talk, listening 5 minutes is a great practice. Most successful people are good at expressing themselves as they listen more than they talk. 

Give Negative People a Pass - Most people are affected by the circle of people around them. If the circle is negative, the feeling passes on to us. 

Eliminating Bad Luck - There is nothing called as good luck or bad luck. The output that we get is a result if our actions and habits. The more focused we are on achieving them, more the luck on our side. 

The Why - Most successful people know the why behind doing things and that is what keeps them going. Somewhere it is a marriage of passion and skill and not vice versa. 

Let's keep these points in mind and cultivate the winning habits. 



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