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The world's first DIY Education ERP SchoolTime

If you never needed help or training to use Facebook, why do you need help for any software at all?

There is a reason why 3000+ educational Institutions from 135 countries have chosen SchoolTime in just about a year of its launch. The reason is its intuitive and corrective user interface and user experience design. 

SchoolTime has invested more than 650 hours only to make it easier and intuitive for its users. Right from landing into the application to being able to provide the user a natural intelligence to perform desired tasks, a phenomena that hardly any other application has been able to achieve. Educational Institutions have been able to overcome the unnecessary time and resources required in deploying traditional ERP systems, repeated training for its end users, and most importantly struggling with complexity within the applications. Institutions have been able to provision their own SchoolTime software on the cloud with just a click in less than 30 seconds, and on an average go live within the next 3 days - all this without having to ask a single help from anyone else.

Most  Beautiful and Meaningful Data Visualisation. 

Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to keep things simple - Richard Branson

Every module has been designed keeping in mind the flexibility required by different types of Institutions, so that K-12 Schools, Colleges & Universities and Training Centres & Classes can all instantly automate their entire operations. Although SchoolTime is a complete Educational ERP solution, its vastness does not allow its end users to get confused at any point of time. Many unnecessary traditional complexities of enterprise solutions have been thoughtfully identified and overcome resulting in the simplest and the most beautiful School Management Software.

Strong focus has been given to areas not usually attended by other solutions. Some of them are like Data Analytics, Unified Communications, Online Fee Collection with auto reconciliation, CRM for Educational Institutions. The world is moving towards usable and affordable automation. It will not be long, when customers start rejecting complicated and expensive software. SchoolTime is just about setting this trend. It is a matter of time, when all educational institutions in this world will automate on this platform since it cannot get any easier than it already is. We are looking at the next big Global Unicorn from India.