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FSSAI license for setting up a bakery business

In order to get the certification from FSSAI, bakery business operator has to register itself with the Health Ministry.

Bakery Business FSSAI License, Source: PEXELS

The Bakery sector comprises the largest segment of the food processing sector in India and offers huge potential for growth. In India, there is a number of organized or semi-organized bakeries producing vast bakery products. India is the world’s second-largest producer of biscuits after the USA. In the food processing sector bakery industry has achieved the third position in generating the revenue for our economy.

However, bakery business is facing some of the issues in terms of hygiene and technology up gradation in the manufacturing and packaging process which is affecting industry growth in India. But because of the increased competition in the market and meeting the customer demand for the standard quality operators are opting for the updated technology

The sector in which bakery industry deals are:

a) Receiving & storing of raw material.

b) Manufacturing & packing of bakery products.

c) Storage/Warehousing & Transportation of Bakery products

Now for ensuring the food safety and maintaining the consumers’ confidence, FSSAI License from Food Safety & Standards Authority of India is required in the food manufacturing, processing, packaging, storing, transportation, distributing business. It certifies that food is tested and the hygiene, safety requirements as set by the government of India have been followed by the food operators. If not complied it would attract penalty set by the government.

In order to get the certification from FSSAI, bakery business operator has to register itself with the Health Ministry.

Depending upon the turnover of bakery Business Operators there are 3 processes:

Steps to be followed for getting the FSSAI License

1. Fill the application form for getting registered with FSSAI

2. The documents related to the food items and type of the food to be submitted

3. After the submission of the above information, the documents will be further sent to the local FBO for the inspection of the food items that you intend to deal in and to carry the quality checks

4. After the completion of above process, FSSAI license will be issued by the department.


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