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Ahmedabadi girl Technical Blogger Journey

Journey of Passionate Blogger

After completing BE, I joined the leading IT Company. I worked for 1.5 years over there. Also, I joined as a lecturer in PHP training institution as a part-time job with a full-time job. Now I have 7 years of experience in IT industry. That was not enough for me to grow myself so I started a technology blog.

When I was fresher while learning php and other web technologies I used to surf a lot. During that time the articles used to explain things in a brief but they did not provide much of examples. It was really tough for me. So when a thought appeared to me to start my own blog I decided to write all posts with clear-cut examples.

So I would say my blog is not only good for experienced professionals but it is equally fruitful for enthusiastic developers who want to learn something by themselves.

Also, apart from premium technology blogs most of the technology blogs were either copying the same article in a different way or sometimes exactly copy paste the articles from them.

My first 50 articles may not be of that much quality as the ones today but as I said my journey was 'learn and grow' kind of. So I would learn the subject of each article myself, collect the quality contents from credible resources, do some research on my own and then write it. With each article, I would say my writing became polished and my contents grew denser and easier.

Today after 400+ articles and over 1 million views in 5 years I guess I am succeeded in exploiting it at very vast level.

My Family is from a non-entrepreneur background. Definitely, if I would have someone from entrepreneur background it would have helped me understand business scenarios very fast. But my journey was like ‘learn and go’. As I developed the blog, I went on learning new things, different ways of generating revenues, identify the interests of my readers and so on.  

My family is not supportive for my passion, they didn't want to allow me to continue my job so it is impossible for them to accept entrepreneurship.

You know how Indian girls has to involve herself in household activities. Along with job, and lectures I had very little time to concentrate on doing blogging. I was handling very tight schedule during that time, in fact a very hectic one. Sometimes I decided to quit blogging as I had a steady income. But something inside me urged me to do this. So I planned my activities beforehand and whatever time I got I devoted it to my passion, blogging.

In India where most of the female bloggers would love to post about recipes, I thought I would do slightly “hat-ke”. Instead of talking about Bollywood, fashion, and lifestyle, I attempted to put my foot among dominant male techno bloggers community to prove them that we (females) are not behind you even in technologies.

Initially, I started with domain creativedev.in but due to its popularity in a global sense I decided to move my blog into .com domain. Today developers know creativedev.in as TheCreativeDev.com.

Though it affected the flow of traffic but we are gaining momentum again up to its top speed with new articles every month.

Yeah, somehow it is difficult for an Indian girl to be independent and prove herself right. It is still difficult for me to run blog after this much of years but I have hope and set priority for it.

At the end, I must say "Whatever your passion is, keep doing it. Don't waste time chasing after success or comparing yourself to others."


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