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The NetZealous story


The NetZealous story starts with Satisha Naraharimurthy, a self-driven, self-made entrepreneur based out of Bangalore. Entrepreneurs are different from the rest of us in a very important respect –restlessness. Their posterior starts becoming tetchy when it is parked in one place for long. So, our man too started getting restless even when he was running an IT services providing company for a decade and had found his sustenance there.

This organization, with over 200 employees, would have been considered the achievement of a lifetime for most others, but not for Satisha. Far from being complacent and cozy in that position, he was pining for something that he would find more challenging. But what was it going to be that would fuel his urge for more?

Like most big ideas, the spark for a new line of business turned out to be a rather unassuming news report about the burgeoning professional trainings industry. This news report, tucked away in the corner of an inconspicuous magazine, ignited a switch in Satisha that turned out to be the seed for a new conceptualization. It was here that he had found his new passion: To start a professional trainings organization!

Having delved in and out of this topic, Satisha came up with this idea of serving the needs of millions of professionals who were in need of a reliable provider of trainings that fulfilled their learning needs. Out of this was born NetZealous. The very name signified what the organization’s outlook would be, because the Net is indispensable to the professional trainings industry. During the course of this research, Satisha also found out that professional trainings are different from regular coaching or teaching. The learners are different; the mode of training is different; the learning needs are different.

He understood that some of the core features of professional trainings consist of the following:

Professional trainings are for professionals, not students who attend regular classes and attain grades

These are for people who have already been in a profession for a while

 They are for those who want to upgrade their knowledge or skill of a particular topic or learning area, so that they stay ahead of the curve

 Usually, this learning concerns industry regulations, updates or familiarization with best practices, all of which professionals need to get knowledge of from time to time

 Since they are already employed, they do not look to attend regular classes, but for courses that are delivered at the convenience of their own location

 Professional trainings can also be in the form of in person, live sessions in the form of seminars or conferences.

All these clearly indicate that professional trainings are a different ballgame altogether from the traditional methods that we have been used to for so long.

Adapting to these peculiarities for someone who had no idea about the industry would have been a challenge for most others, but for Satisha, it was child’s play. He was soon in a position to get to the bottom of the dynamics of this business and rattle out figures and numbers of the professional trainings markets around the world.

So, what were the areas in which NetZealous would offer its professional trainings? This is where three minds came together and synergized their thoughts. For starting and running this line of business, Satisha handpicked two professionals with a fairly high degree of exposure to the professional trainings industry: Shahanshah Manzoor and Liju Mathew.

While Shahanshah was the brain of the new organization, being its Founder and CEO; Liju would take care of the operations, being designated as Founder and COO. Of course, Satisha would be the Founder and Chairman of NetZealous. NetZealous LLC, DBA NetZealous Services India Pvt. Ltd, was registered in Fremont, CA as a provider of professional trainings and eLearning for the global market.

A little about each of these founders

Satisha Naraharimurthy: A serial entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in various verticals; Satisha Naraharimurthy is Founder and CEO of Nichepro Technologies and NetZealous LLC, which is headquartered in Fremont, California.

Satisha started his career as a software professional. His first business was an enterprise which focused on providing manpower to IT organizations, called ComCast Solutions. He later ventured into new pastures by starting a product development company that built NicheSuite, a high quality Enterprise Solution for the retail market.

Currently, Satisha leads a team of over 500 professionals spread across five separate business entities that work from established centers globally and serve a list of elite clients. Many of these are Fortune 500 companies.

He is an alumnus of IIM.


Shahanshah Manzoor: NetZealous’ Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer; Shahanshah is responsible for the overall Marketing and Sales support for the global market in the organization. He started his career as a Software Developer. After three years in software development, he branched out into online marketing.

Once he phased out into marketing, he has led teams of online marketing specialists. Here, he headed and built the core team with which Satisha’s organization built the company’s new line of business called NetZealous, with all its brands –GlobalCompliancePanel, TrainHR, MentorHealth, Compliance4All and ITTrainingCenter. Manzoor has overseen the complete marketing and sales of this business. Today, the company’s revenue stands at a healthy level in relation to its competitors, all of which has happened in a short period of time.

Shahanshah is considered one of NetZealous’ major senior resources. With him, the organization is set for higher growth, because he has initiated many new platforms for the business.

Shahanshah obtained his M.Sc. in Mathematics from Aligarh Muslim University and MCA from Bangalore University.


Liju T. Mathew. Liju is our Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer. He is responsible for the overall Sales and Business Development for the organization.

He started his career with ICICI OneSource as a Sales Process Leader. He was in charge of business development and sales in his past organizations and now carries overall 12 years of experience. Here, along with Shahanshah, he is part of the core team that built NetZealous. Liju has built and overseen the complete Sales and Business Development of this business.

Liju is considered one of NetZealous’ major senior resources because of his vision towards successful verticals of the business.

Liju obtained his B.Sc. in Physics, Electronics and Mathematics from Christ College in Bangalore.


Starting with a handful of people, NetZealous had one quality that it had in abundance, the quality which continues to be its central force: Zeal. This passion saw the three of them putting in untiring effort to give shape to the organization that each considered his own baby, with a 14-hour workday being the normal.

One thing was certain about what NetZealous was out to do. It always wanted to be a player with a difference. It wanted to stand out from the crowd in several core ways. From the beginning, its aim was to:

 Be a bridge between professionals and their professional trainings needs

 Provide trainings that are designed to help professionals in these areas take the growth path to their careers, irrespective of which part of the world they are located in

 Help professionals reach higher levels of excellence

 Bring trainings that are thoroughly relevant to the industry

 Offer insights into the latest developments and updates, and come from renowned experts in the respective areas

 Design trainings that are lively and interactive.

The first sightings across the horizon were the huge learning needs of the regulatory compliance arena. The founders of NetZealous were quick to grasp the needs of this very important learning segment. While regulatory bodies keep issuing regulations from time to time for the dozens of industries they regulate; there is an acute need for professionals to keep pace with these regulations. This is the core purpose for which NetZealous’ first brand, GlobalCompliancePanel was formed.

And this is how the growth graph has looked like

Within a very quick time, NetZealous has now earned a name as a provider of world-class innovative professional trainings. It is at the vanguard of professional trainings in an assortment of niche areas. These include regulatory compliance, human resources, healthcare and IT. NetZealous plays a role that goes beyond being just a provider of professional trainings. It sees itself as a source that partners with professionals to elevate them in their careers.

Today, NetZealous has grown to such an extent that being headquartered in Fremont, CA; it has offices in different geographies, such as Bangalore, Singapore, and UK.

All about GlobalCompliancePanel

GlobalCompliancePanel has been, predictably, NetZealous’ pride of place. It occupies a position of primacy in the minds of the founders of this organization, simply because it was the first brand that rolled out from the stable. It aroused the same excitement that a firstborn in the family does. And what a worthy child it turned out to be!

GlobalCompliancePanel was conceived at a time when the global professional trainings industry was in a state of flux. This was a time of uncertainty and apprehension because the year in which it came into existence was 2008, a year the world remembers for a very unpleasant reason –the economic slowdown. But undeterred by this global phenomenon, our people got down to working together to grow a business that they believed in. This faith was reposed mainly for the reason that our trainers are people who are so good that they can attract crowds even in a sluggish situation. That is just what our experts did: Within a year of having come into existence, GlobalCompliancePanel was a name that was making waves in the industry. And mind you, this was when the recession was still very much at its peak!

Standing out from the crowd

What does GlobalCompliancePanel do that makes it such a popular choice for regulatory professionals the world over? It is simple: Its core philosophy is that of being a provider of professional trainings that professionals need, in a way that suits them best, and at a time of their liking and convenience. When the three founders had such a clear idea of what these seasoned professionals’ learning needs are, is it any wonder that the brand was such an instant success?

There were other important reasons for which GlobalCompliancePanel succeeded so quickly.

First, the experts on its panels were chosen from among the best in the industry. These are names that ring a bell in the minds of seekers of professional trainings.

Second, the founders have had, from such early times of starting the organization, a clear understanding of the very pulse of the learning needs. This made it easy for them to choose courses that are most relevant for the professionals and offer them in a most suitable fashion.

Third, the course content was not only relevant, the founders of NetZealous ensured that the trainings imparted from GlobalCompliancePanel’s experts were lively, fresh, focused, relevant, meaningful and fun to learn.

Our Experts are our pride

GlobalCompliancePanel’s panel of experts consists of some of the best informed resources in the industry. They are known across their industry/domain for having put in years on end. They are primarily from the US and Europe, but they have years of having worked in nearly every continent with different types of companies. Our Experts’ exposure to markets and audiences worldwide and of working with companies that are anywhere between large and start-ups gives our participants the depth of their knowledge. Our customers have access to some of the best informed resources in the industry.

 Areas of Expertise: GlobalCompliancePanel has an elite and highly accomplished panel of experts. These are some of the best names in the industry, whose expertise straddles domains ranging from Medical Devices to Pharmaceuticals and from Food and Payment Card Industry to SOX, to name just a few.

 Geographical Spread: Our Experts have worked in nearly every continent with different types of companies. Their experience of working with companies that are anywhere between large and start-ups is a great asset to participants. Our Experts’ exposure to markets and audiences worldwide gives our participants the spread and depth of their knowledge.

 Type of Experience: Our panel of Experts has decades of experience in the industry. Our Experts have a collective experience that spans well over a couple of centuries. Each of them is selected from a list of the best-known names in the industry. Many of them enjoy honorary memberships of elite bodies and associations. Our Experts are also highly qualified. Many of them are reputable academia or from high positions in the governmental agencies such as the FDA.

A snapshot of our Experts

So, who are the professional trainings honchos who deliver their knowledge to our clients that goes on to make our learning sessions such a hit every time, all the time? A look at just a small selection of these Experts should give an indication of why our professional trainings are so popular:

 Steven S. Kuwahara, Ph.D., Founder and Principal, GXP BioTechnology LLC

Steven S. Kuwahara, Ph.D., is the founder and Principal of GXP BioTechnology LLC, a consulting firm that works in the areas covered by the GLP and GMP of drugs, biologics, and nutraceuticals.

 Albert Cefalo, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Analogic Corporation

Albert is a Regulatory Affairs Specialist at Analogic Corporation. “Chuck”, as Albert is fondly called, has a BS degree from Franklin Pierce College and a Graduate Certificate in RA from Northeastern University. He has been employed by Analogic Corporation for the last 21 years.

 Dr. Anthony G. Tarantino, Adjunct Professor of Finance, Santa Clara University

With over three decades in regulatory compliance, operational risk, and operations management on both the consulting and industry sides, Anthony, as the old expression goes, needs no introduction as an ace par excellence in his profession. At present, he is an Adjunct Professor of Finance at Santa Clara University's Graduate School of Business, where he teaches Risk Management.

 Bernice Russell Bond, President, Brussell Consulting Inc.

Bernice, President of BRUSSELL Consulting, Inc. (BCI) has put in over fifteen years in the business operations, risk management, audit and compliance domains. In a career straddling diverse areas of expertise, Bernice has imparted her professional knowledge into the audit, legal, business and IT management groups.

 Carlos M. Aquino, Founder, PharmaDiversion, LLC

With more than 36 years of handling illicit and pharmaceutical controlled substances and regulated chemicals, Carlos knows the industry like the back of his hand. His testimonial ability, both in federal and state courts, is proof of his investigative experience and skills.

 Dan O’Leary, President of Ombu Enterprises, LLC

Started in late 2008, Ombu is a company that offers small manufacturing companies training and execution in operational excellence with a focus on analytical skills and a systems approach to operations management.

 David Nettleton, Founder of Computer System Validation (CSV)

David Nettleton is an FDA Compliance Specialist for 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA and Computer System Validation. His latest book, Risk Based Software Validation –Ten easy Steps, relates to the development, purchase, installation, operation and maintenance of computerized systems used in regulated applications.

 David R. Dills, Regulatory & Compliance Consultant

With more than 24 years of hands-on experience and a proven track record within the FDA regulated industry, David has an extensive regulatory and compliance background with Class I/II/III and IVD devices, pharmaceutical operations, and manages activities within the global regulatory and compliance space.

 Dr. John Ryan, QA Administrator at Hawaii State Department of Agriculture

John is the Administrator for the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture's Quality Assurance Division and a Co-Chair of the newly formed FDA/CDC food protection information technology team.

 Ludwig Huber, Ph.D., Director of Labcompliance and Chief Advisor for global FDA compliance at Agilent Technologies

Ludwig is the editor of Labcompliance, the global on-line resource for validation and compliance issues for laboratories. He is the author of many books, including Validation and Qualification in Analytical Laboratories and Validation of Computerized Analytical and Networked Systems.

 Jeff Kasoff, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Life-Tech, Inc.

Jeff Kasoff, RAC, is the Director of Regulatory Affairs at Life-Tech, Inc., a leading manufacturer of consumables and instrumentation in the urodynamic and pain management fields.

 Jim Sheldon-Dean, Director of Compliance Services, Lewis Creek Systems, LLC

Jim Sheldon-Dean is the founder and director of compliance services at Lewis Creek Systems, LLC, a Vermont-based consulting firm. His firm has been providing information privacy and security regulatory compliance services to healthcare firms and businesses throughout the Northeast and nationally since its establishment in 1982.

 John E. Lincoln, a Medical Device and Regulatory Affairs consultant

John E. Lincoln, a graduate of UCLA, is a medical device and Regulatory Affairs consultant. He has helped companies to implement or modify their GMP systems and procedures, product risk management and U.S. FDA responses.

 Kerry Paul Potter, President, Summit Consulting, Inc.

Kerry gained his pharmaceutical manufacturing experience during his 28-year career with Merck. His career spanned the areas of Quality Operations, Audits & Inspections, Laboratory, Human Resources, and Learning & Development.

 Robert J. Russell, President of RJR Consulting, Inc.

The company assists the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech industries in understanding and complying with International Regulations

 Steven Walfish, President of Statistical Outsourcing Services

Steven Walfish is the President of Statistical Outsourcing Services, a consulting company that provides statistical analysis and training to FDA regulated industries.

 T.C. Soli, Ph.D., Microbiologist and President of Soli Pharma Solutions, Inc.

The areas he has covered include water systems, sterilization, aseptic processing, microbiological and beta-lactam contamination control and microbiological laboratory operations. He has completely rewritten USP Chapter 1231, which many consider to be USP's "pharmaceutical water bible".

 Markus Weber, Principal Consultant with System Safety, Inc.

Markus specializes in safety engineering and risk management for critical medical devices. In conjunction with the FDA, he has published works on risk management issues and software-related risk mitigations. Mr. Weber has helped multiple companies, from startups to Fortune 500 firms.

 Angela Bazigos, CEO of Touchstone Technologies Silicon Valley, Inc.

Angela Bazigos has been accepted into the prestigious ranks of Stanford Who's Who as a result of her remarkable work in the biotechnology industry. Throughout her brilliant professional career, Angela has routinely exhibited the passion, vision and dedication necessary to be successful in the business world.

 Melinda Allen, a Food Safety and Quality Consultant in the Food Industry.

Melinda has over two decades of experience in developing and implementing Food Supplier and QSR Quality programs and audits. Melinda has had a long and dedicated career of Quality Assurance and Food Safety leadership with companies such as YUM Brands and Quiznos.

 Albert A. Ghignone MS, RAC, the CEO of AAG Incorporated.

For more than 30 years his focus has been on FDA related matters in regulatory affairs, quality assurance and clinical affairs.

 Anna Longwell, principal attorney of the Palo Alto Law firm, Longwell and Associates.

Longwell and Associates specializes in Food and Drug law. The firm has expertise in US FDA expectations, regulation and law, affecting the development and ultimate marketing of new medical products, drugs, devices and biologics.

 John N. Zorich, senior professional in the medical device manufacturing industry

John N. Zorich has spent 35 years in the medical device manufacturing industry in the areas of R&D, Manufacturing, QA/QC, and Regulatory. His consulting clients in the area of statistics have included numerous start-ups as well as large corporations such as Boston Scientific, Novellus, and Siemens Medical.

 Casper Uldriks, ex-FDA

Casper Uldriks brings over 32 years of experience from the FDA. He specialized in the FDA’s medical device program as a field investigator, and served as a senior manager in the Office of Compliance and as an Associate Center Director for the Center for Devices and Radiological Health.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------With a combination of all these, it is no wonder that GlobalCompliancePanel became a name to be reckoned with in the areas of regulatory compliance in which it offers professional trainings:

o Medical devices

o Surgical Instruments

o Pharmaceuticals

o Biologics

o Healthcare

o Food and Beverages

o Software

o Embedded Technologies

o Energy and Utility

o Payment Card Industry (PCI), etc.

NetZealous’ webinars are highly valued by their participants from across the globe. Highly experienced C Level professionals make up the bulk of the participants at NetZealous’ webinars. NetZealous has organized over 1200 web seminar sessions, at which more than 50,000 professionals have benefited.

Different modes of trainings

With experience comes experimentation. When GlobalCompliancePanel started out its professional trainings, these were offered only as webinars, which are short duration courses that are focused to the point. Although this was serving a very important purpose because professionals need their trainings to be such; in the course of customer feedbacks, NetZealous realized that there exists a group of professionals which needs trainings that go beyond being short duration, online courses.

Out of this realization was born the idea of seminars. NetZealous started its first seminar –in person, live, two-day learning sessions in which the Expert comes down directly and imparts training to participants –in Mumbai in May 2011.

Boy! Just what an event this turned out to be. The topic of this seminar was “Guidance on FDA Regulatory Requirements for Indian pharmaceutical industry”, and the Director, the highly accomplished expert on the matter, Steven Kuwahara, Founder and Principal of GXP BioTechnology LLC, a consulting firm that works in the areas covered by the GLP and GMP of drugs, biologics, nutraceuticals and biopharmaceuticals. He serves on the editorial advisory boards of BioPharm, BioQuality, and the Journal of GXP Compliance.

To say that this event was a spectacular success is an understatement. Dr. Kuwahara regaled the audience as much with his wit and liveliness as by his total command over the topics on which he talked. The participants were amazed at his complete mastery over all the topics on which the seminar was hosted. Nearly everyone who attended had all aspects of their doubts and clarifications relating to FDA approval cleared. It was just what professionals with these needs/apprehensions/concerns were looking for:

o Those struggling to put in place an effective CAPA process

o Those bogged down by the stages of approval process for FDA

o Professionals who are in the dark about FDA’s Process Validation guidelines

o Those who are unclear about the stages of approval, such as submissions, inspections, NDA and BLA

o Professionals who find Clinical Trials and DMFs confusing

o Those who are apprehensive about the prospect of being issued a Warning Letter or a Citation from the FDA

Over 150 attendees from some of the most popular names in the Indian pharma industry such as J&J, Lupin, Pharmacia Upjohn, Novartis, Micro Labs, Glaxo, and several others, three sponsors, two media partners, one eminent speaker and hundreds of happy faces were what made up this seminar!

And so, from the first to the latest

Having started out the seminars line of teaching in Mumbai more than five years ago, the zeal and momentum of NetZealous’ seminars have not only remained intact; they have got strengthened. Having made a lively journey across all the continents, NetZealous seminars are now the toast of professionals who look forward to. Our seminar are held at amazing regularity all over the world.

In April 2016, NetZealous forayed into an untapped market: Dhaka. If anything has changed from the first to the latest seminars, it is the satisfaction and sense of purpose these events brought about in their participants.

This was on pharmaceutical water systems, and Teri C. Soli, the don of water systems, who is the Director. A Ph.D. Microbiologist and President of Soli Pharma Solutions, Inc., was the Director. How does one make a topic like pharmaceutical water systems interesting? That is where lay the knack of the presenter. Like a music director creating a mellifluous tune out of thin air and like a conductor synchronizing tunes to create unlimited joyful melody, our own Dr. Soli created magic out of the topic of pharmaceutical water systems. In this microbiology-focused education about all aspects of water systems, Dr. Soli dwelt in length on the proper design, validation, operation, monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting, and excursion investigations of a high purity water system. The result: an audience floored by his knowledge and oratorical skills, all round excitement and participation from almost every one of them, and a highly gratified organizer!

Which is a better testimony to the quality of a seminar than that of the Director himself? In tune with the excitement generated at this seminar, no less a person than Dr. Soli himself corroborated the fun and thrill that went into this seminar. He says: “It was a great experience for me to conduct this conference. This being the first such seminar I have done in Dhaka, I am greatly excited at the way the seminar went. I look forward to coming back to Dhaka to do more such seminars. I want to come again and again for seminars such as this”. Great words indeed to hear from the high priest of water systems, aren’t these?

If Mumbai was the launchpad of the seminars line of business for NetZealous, Dhaka opened up the floodgates for a real prospect for an unexplored market for NetZealous. It tested the waters and found out that what lies underneath is a treasure of well-informed, yet inquisitive minds that want to go to the real depths to quench the thirst of knowledge.

The response and the brilliance of the audience have overwhelmed NetZealous and roused it into action in new territories, after its consistent performance in the West. This is just the start of a glorious innings at this location. The overwhelming success of this Dhaka seminar has discovered a grand new, potential bomb for NetZealous. Not that the capacity of such a fervid audience was underestimated; it was just a first try. The stepping stone could not have been more welcoming and attractive.

All of these go on to demonstrate one main point about NetZealous: Its constant endeavor to find new markets and make inroads into them. We are confident that we will dig the mine further. It will not come as a surprise if you come across NetZealous seminars in Iran, UAE, several countries of Africa and maybe even South America!

And, there is much more to be said in the story yet…

So, we have now had a complete idea about NetZealous’ webinars and seminars. Satisha, Shahanshah and Liju got down to put their heads on finding out if there could be more that they do to guide the industry. Webinars were fine, and so were seminars, but there was still something that they felt they could offer. What is that mode of training that could still be accomplished?

Okay, webinars are short duration teaching sessions and seminars are long ones, but could there exist a mode that lies beyond these two and extend their base, so to speak? Webinars and seminars were already highly successful, so why bother to look up for something else? Well, this thought definitely did not occur to them! The very antithesis of it did. Here is what they learnt after digging into the minds of some of the participants at our webinars and seminars: Some companies were not able to send their participants to the seminars or webinars because of two major reasons:

A) The number of participants for whom they wanted trainings was too high

B) The topic, although chosen by the Experts were highly relevant, was sometimes not specific to the needs of the particular organization.

Out of this realization was born an altogether new mode of professional trainings from NetZealous –Consulting, or what one calls in-house trainings. Here, we get the Director to get down to the location of choice of the client and impart trainings on the exact pain areas that they need addressing. The philosophy is simple: If you cannot take Mohammed to the mountain, take the mountain to Mohammed!

Our consulting and training services are offered in a wide swath of areas –Advisory, APIs, Assessments, Audits, Authorized Representative, Contract Manufacturing, Combination Products, Communication, Compliance, Cosmetics, Designated Agent, Dietary Supplements, Due Diligence, Evaluations, Imported Products, IT, Labeling, Liaison, Patent Evaluation, Personnel Training, Recalls, Reports & Reporting, Risk Management, Safety, Security, Software, SOPs – Standard Operating Procedures, Strategy, Submissions, Supplier/Vendor, Validation, Waivers, Witness and many more.

Professionals in leading organizations have a variety of reasons to choose GlobalCompliancePanel Consulting:

 Over a hundred Experts that are renowned in their respective areas;

 Each Expert that is assigned to them is handpicked from a global pool of highly experienced regulatory and compliance Experts;

 Experts work exclusively with each client, understanding their requirements and addressing their specific issues;

 Intuitive, unique and apt solutions that are specifically designed for each organization and none else, since Expert works with it only;

 Individualized, expert attention to their specific pain areas;

 Access to Consultants who have overseen the compliance requirements of dozens of companies on critical areas on FDA and many more;

 Our Experts have touched upon all aspects of regulatory compliance in the course of the long careers;

 Freedom to include any number of employees in the organization for Consulting sessions;

 Choice of the mode of Consulting is client’s: Onsite, offsite or allotting their staff to work with them;

 Over four years in the continuous professional education industry;

 Legacy of over 500 courses taught at our webinars;

 Successful online training given to over 30,000 professionals;

 Seminars done so far in India and the US have gone down very well with the participants;

 An organization that has several ambitious plans in the pipeline.

Today, a few well-known names of the regulatory industry seek out NetZealous’ Consulting services, which are headed by our old friend, Steven Kuwahara. It offers consulting to organizations all over the world, just like our seminars.

Clients from some of the best names of the industry

Having put some of the best minds into its professional trainings, is it any surprise that NetZealous has a list of clients which reads like the Who is Who of the industry? NetZealous has worked with and has gained the appreciation of leading names in the respective industries with which it works. This is just a partial list of NetZealous’ clients:

o Abbot

o Alkem Laboratories Ltd

o Alcatel-Lucent

o American Express

o AstraZeneca

o Bayer

o Baxter

o Boehringer Ingelheim

o Bristol-Myers Squibb

o Cipla

o Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd

o Ernst & Young

o GlaxoSmithKline

o Hospira

o Johnson and Johnson

o Medtronic

o Merck

o Novartis

o Panacea Biotec Ltd

o Pfizer

o Piramal

o Roche

o Sanofi

o Serum Institute

o Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.


o Wockhardt

o Zydus Cadila pharmaceuticals

The benefits that GlobalCompliancePanel trainings bring to the industry

 Experts who work for GlobalCompliancePanel carry deep and incisive knowledge they offer to participants. Whether the trainings are of short or long duration, there is high involvement and interactivity, which professionals carry back with them a lifetime of learning.

 Attendance at GlobalCompliancePanel helps participants understand ways by which to stay compliant with regulatory requirements

 They help them stay abreast of the latest updates and regulations that regulatory authorities issue from time to time

 In being affiliated to major regulatory associations and bodies such as RAPS; GlobalCompliancePanel helps participants gain valuable credit points that help them scale up in their professional careers

 In-person, live seminars bring the experts into close contact with the participants; these hands-on seminars help participants meet experts for clarification and to also connect with industry peers

 Most of NetZealous’ trainings offered from GlobalCompliancePanel are certified by respective accreditation bodies, such as Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS).


More brands, more trainings…

No organization with hunger for growth would rest on its achievements. Every time it scales a peak, it looks for another, then another, and yet another. So, it is no surprise that Satisha, Shahanshah and Liju stood on one zenith and extended their vision to others, thinking: What if we are the sought after provider of professional trainings for the regulatory compliance industry? There are other areas in which there is an acute need for professional trainings. Why not explore them? Why not replicate our success with GlobalCompliancePanel to other domains of training?

And so, they put their heads together once again to concretize plans for more and more lines of business, one at a time. From their deep research into the professional trainings industry, they identified a hot area in which there was a need for professional trainings that could be innovative, fun, interactive, relevant and purposeful. This is an industry too, which like regulatory compliance, has its share of updates and best practices that professionals need to take trainings for from time to time. Which was this area? It is something without which no organization exists: Human Resources!

Playing upon the words training and human resources, the trio formulated a new name for this field: TrainHR. Being another of NetZealous’ well established brands; TrainHR offers professional trainings and updates on issues that are critical to present-day HR professionals. Of course, many of these trainings come with affiliation with Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). TrainHR was the natural extension that NetZealous built, following the huge success of GlobalCompliancePanel.

TrainHR’s objective is clear and simple –to offer a platform for learning and discussion to address some of the major challenges that the Human Resource community faces today.

TrainHR is a complete Human Resources training solutions provider. The primary objective of TrainHR is to create a training platform that addresses some of the major global challenges with respect to Human Resource Development. It brings in global experts and professionals to the area of HR trainings to help HR professionals sharpen and enhance their skills.

Started in 2010; TrainHR began with online trainings, i.e. webinars, and soon started offering professional trainings in all its areas of specialization through, seminars and consulting. TrainHR’s seminars are held in global locations, just like its consulting.

One portal, several benefits

When TrainHR was started, NetZealous’ founders were clear about one thing: They wanted this brand to cater to HR professionals from around the world and wanted them to benefit in a number of additional ways. Thus, TrainHR incorporated features like credits awarding program, expert advice, flexibility of viewing recorded webinars at participants’ convenience, and online participation. Moreover, these trainings were affordable.

An important feature TrainHR comes with is the online interactive participation feature, by which professionals from any part of the world have the opportunity to listen to and converse with some of the best-known experts in the HR Industry.

NetZealous’ mediums of training


From the time of its inception, TrainHR has organized over 1500 webinars successfully and has trained over 30000 satisfied clients.

TrainHR’s diversification into seminars

Having had a highly successful stint with online trainings; TrainHR ventured into in-person, live seminars. As of 2016; TrainHR has successfully conducted over a hundred very well-received seminars across the US, Europe and India. With a high rate of participation from the cream of the HR industry; TrainHR is the name to reckon with professional trainings in HR.

Areas of expertise TrainHR offers

From the beginning, Satisha, Shahanshah and Liju were clear that TrainHR was not going to be another run of the mill training providing portal. They wanted it to be the most reliable and most comprehensive source of information, updates and best practices for the HR industry. In the six years that TrainHR has been around, this ambition has been largely achieved.


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