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Tourism .. Next big thing in India

There is a trend in Market, everyone believes AI, Big Data, and Cyber security-based startups will be next unicorns.  Might be they do, but one can't simply ignore gap of demand and supply exist in the tourism sector. 

Tourism in India is growing at a steady rate of 6.8% per year and generated up to 9.6% of our GDP (14.3 Lakh). It is accountable for 9.3 % total job available in India. Apart from this, an International tourist is also considering India as there one of destination, the year 2016 witnessed 10% growth of International tourism in India.

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But the thing is, are there any quality service providers, what I believe that there is a chance for anyone to become a leader in tourism if they are able to deliver quality service, affordable price, and customer satisfaction. A few years back, Auto/Cab drivers use their monopoly to charge the customer, kali-peeli taxis usually charge more than fair. After a rise of Ola and Uber, most people believe they are more than happy be take a ride in the cab rather in Public transport or use their own car.

More or less, a similar situation was there in Hotel Industry, Oyo with their business model promoted middle class to leave their home/PG and provided an alternative option to stay in Hotel, that too with quality service and affordable price. 

The tourism industry is also verge of that, a player who can deliver more than what he promise.. and boom, there will be a new billion dollar startup. Although there are few startups, like TravelTriangle, Howdy Highlands, and Mojhi, none of them have actually made their name. Despite having rich and well established cultural, a natural heritage which India possesses, the security issues, and crime — especially against female visitors, from a persisting trouble that has plagued the Indian tourism industry. Let's just hope, next few years will change the landscape of situation, and we will witness next big startup from tourism Industry.


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