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Dark technology

The dark side of technology

The concept of dark technology, commonly known as the black side of technology showcases that side of automation and innovation that’s all too frequently overlooked these days.

 Although with such advancements, there are some downfalls or backlashes with every idea or concept. The concept of robots has helped us become more precise, but the most frequently asked question is, will robots become a condescending part of our lives, thereby threatening human survival?

Internet hackers, especially the ones who hack most of your personal information via IP address impact a threat to us, it could be from either when we log on to our ISP, or maybe even from a discarded hardcopy document. We go about leaving digital traces behind us from our local footprints.

Obviously, technology does come with good and bad sides, most of which has benefitted us in many ways, making life congenial.

The negative traits of technology can change the way people feel, think and can lead to obesity.

Some of the online traits of bad technology is cyberbullying, as it can put privacy and safety requirements at risk. Most teenagers are addicted to being on social media, thereby creating more of a risk to their personal stuff, either by hacking into private photos or texts and most of all cyber-bullying.

Technology does change the behavioral aspects of people. In young teenagers, the obesity rate has increased not due to the intake of food, but more use of technology like cars, machines, mobile devices etc. The amount of time we spend in our daily lives sedentary increased and the time we spend on physical activities have dropped.

Regarding people’s feelings and thought, the use of technology has made people socially inert, leading to less communication and network between one and other. The emotions of a person gradually decrease with their intake to express feelings.

In conclusion, technology has made our lives easier and the today’s youth have tremendous opportunities to learn and explore. With the right implementation of technology comes a good potential cost. Therefore, by minimising the potential cost, the aspect of technology can be kept positive.


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